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December 10

Make a Santa Video for two kids
posted by inflatablekiwi to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 9:09 AM PST - details

November 13

MeFites italiani per favore aiutatemi!
posted by mattdidthat to Et cetera at 1:47 PM PST - details

November 6

Photoshop an 80s style double exposure for my family holiday card
posted by tatiana wishbone to Art/Media/Design at 5:21 PM PST - details

November 4

Looking for someone to pick up a small heavy table on long island ny and take it to greyhound
posted by arnicae to Et cetera at 8:54 PM PST - details

Old Photo Retouching
posted by kathrynm to Art/Media/Design at 9:07 AM PST - details

September 18

Adjust a sewing pattern
posted by Melismata to Skilled Trades/Artisan at 5:56 AM PST - details

September 16

Photos in Vienna, Austria
posted by eleanna to Et cetera at 10:30 AM PST - details

August 30

seeking contractors for Python security development
posted by brainwane to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 11:29 AM PST - details

June 21

Jeweler/Crafty Person
posted by holborne to Art/Media/Design at 10:33 AM PST - details

June 10

Be My First-Ever Career Coach, Or Refer Me To One
posted by EmpressCallipygos to Human Resources at 7:52 AM PST - details

May 17

Turn a ripped sheet into boxers
posted by batter_my_heart to Skilled Trades/Artisan at 11:09 PM PST - details

May 9

Updates to innovative music-driven foreign language courseware
posted by spbmp to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 8:18 AM PST - details

May 4

Edit cover letter for healthcare position
posted by succus entericus to Writing/Editing at 12:02 PM PST - details

April 23

I'll pay you to tell me how you do money
posted by chesty_a_arthur to Et cetera at 11:46 AM PST - details

April 17

Development of 3D Coordinate Transformation Math
posted by ZenMasterThis to Architect/Engineer/CAD at 11:07 AM PST - details

April 14

Cartoon artist wanted
posted by argonauta to Art/Media/Design at 1:44 PM PST - details

March 19

Crop scanned photos
posted by k8t to Art/Media/Design at 6:54 PM PST - details

March 8

Need: sewing person to make cover for orthopedic pillow
posted by matildaben to Skilled Trades/Artisan at 2:46 PM PST - details

February 27

I am looking for an accountant
posted by msali to Accounting/Finance at 8:11 AM PST - details

January 13

Women's Garment Pattern Drafting
posted by crush to Skilled Trades/Artisan at 12:42 PM PST - details

January 7

STEM (preferably Psychology) grad student / PhD needed to help look over CV/resume draft
posted by aielen to Science/Biotech at 7:39 AM PST - details

November 15, 2018

3D Conversion Artist
posted by Construction Concern to Art/Media/Design at 6:46 AM PST - details

October 28, 2018

Seeking Mac and iOS Macro/Shortcut/Service developer
posted by Jesse the K to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 4:02 PM PST - details

October 11, 2018

Need an experienced bassist to write me a tab
posted by Alexandra Michelle to Art/Media/Design at 7:49 PM PST - details

Archives Researcher
posted by dances_with_sneetches to Et cetera at 11:54 AM PST - details

October 5, 2018

Flyer Distribution
posted by andoatnp to Marketing/Advertising/PR at 12:54 PM PST - details

Seeking nude Yoga/Pilates Teachers in Boston (& NYC)
posted by Autumn Willow to Et cetera at 10:06 AM PST - details

August 26, 2018

3d model my hypothetical kitchen
posted by novalis_dt to Architect/Engineer/CAD at 2:41 PM PST - details

August 25, 2018

One-off Graphic Design Project for Button/Sticker
posted by Miko to Art/Media/Design at 9:38 AM PST - details

May 31, 2018

Find milagros
posted by bendy to Et cetera at 9:33 PM PST - details

May 14, 2018

Ukulele soloist; Greater Boston area
posted by pxe2000 to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 8:51 AM PST - details

March 28, 2018

Cat sitting in Jackson Heights, Queens
posted by holborne to Et cetera at 8:26 AM PST - details

March 26, 2018

Calculus/Linear Algebra programming in R tutor
posted by waving to Education/Teaching at 6:10 AM PST - details

March 2, 2018

Illustration of a dinosaur by Sunday
posted by pxe2000 to Art/Media/Design at 6:48 AM PST - details

February 15, 2018

Ukulele transcriptionist
posted by pxe2000 to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 9:39 AM PST - details

February 13, 2018

Native speaker needed to proofread 361+20 words of Spanish
posted by If only I had a penguin... to Writing/Editing at 8:44 PM PST - details

February 11, 2018

$50 to draw a picture of a photograph
posted by davidstandaford to Art/Media/Design at 5:47 PM PST - details

January 13, 2018

Seeking Help Desk Technician
posted by dotgirl to Technical Support at 5:25 PM PST - details

I need a knit Adult JCVJ Onesie
posted by Nanukthedog to Skilled Trades/Artisan at 8:55 AM PST - details

December 19, 2017

Pictures in Vienna
posted by eleanna to Art/Media/Design at 5:56 PM PST - details

November 20, 2017

Someone in Italy to buy 10 boxes of Biochetasi and mail them to me
posted by tatiana wishbone to Et cetera at 7:55 AM PST - details

October 25, 2017

Recycle an ancient and enormous TV
posted by janell to Et cetera at 2:26 PM PST - details

October 18, 2017

Coach me through The Odin Project
posted by mtstover to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 9:45 AM PST - details

July 31, 2017

Video editor for short subject
posted by pxe2000 to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 6:39 PM PST - details

July 17, 2017

Pick up 27 books and ship 12 of them to me.
posted by Malleable to Et cetera at 1:52 PM PST - details

July 12, 2017

Photo Editing 138 files - background removal, color correction
posted by cocoagirl to Art/Media/Design at 10:39 AM PST - details

April 26, 2017

iOS developer contract with possible full-time expansion
posted by Stewriffic to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 10:38 AM PST - details

April 7, 2017

Photographer in NYC
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 10:33 PM PST - details

February 25, 2017

Cleaning up a hacked Wordpress
posted by imsoymilk to Technical Support at 9:13 PM PST - details

February 12, 2017

WordPress in Indy?
posted by Thorzdad to Web/HTML/Info Design at 11:52 AM PST - details

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