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December, 2020

Java Mentor (Virtual) - Coding, Architecture

I would like to hire a mentor whose brain I can pick for about an hour, once or twice a week. I am an intermediate Java developer at a large corporate (quasi-gov't) organization who wants to level up her skills and architecture knowledge. I only have... [more inside]

September, 2020

Principal IT Architect, Commercial and Medical IT

We're looking for a great IT architect in the Weston area (just outside of Boston) to help with platform innovation around our Commercial and Medical IT. [more inside]

Game UI/Generalist Programmer, Character Modeler, and VFX Artist

Sirlin Games is looking to hire a game UI and generalist programmer, a character modeler, and a visual effects artist to work on their indie fighting game Fantasy Strike. If you're a game developer or... [more inside]

January, 2020

VBA Outlook Macro

Looking for someone to write a VBA macro for Outlook involving searching for text within a table and deleting the table if that match is found within it; also detecting if it's being run a received message (as opposed to an open composition window)... [more inside]

October, 2019 python developer

Cornell University seeks a Backend Python Developer to join a distributed team building arXiv’s next generation (“NG”) system and maintaining the service’s daily operations. arXiv is the premier open access platform serving scientists in physics,... [more inside]

August, 2019

seeking contractors for Python security development

Please check out this Request for Information for a Python Software Foundation contract. PSF is seeking developers to... [more inside]

Quickie: Fix Blogger Indexing Issue via Google Search Console

Per this AskMeFi question 
A friend publishes a Blogger blog that Google indexes incompletely. Google Search Console is supposed to debug such issues,... [more inside]

July, 2019

Software Quality Engineer

JOB SUMMARY: MasterControl is looking for creative, energetic test engineers to join our software quality team. Team members will use innovative test tools and methods, working closely with product managers and developers in an agile environment,... [more inside]

May, 2019

Updates to innovative music-driven foreign language courseware

* Application Developer Needed: PHP Application Code Upgrade for a Modern Languages Learning System Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts General Information Location: Atlanta, GA Compensation: $7000 lump sum Name: Stuart... [more inside]

January, 2019

Quickie: Fix Blogger Indexing Issue via Google Search Console

Per this AskMeFi question 
A friend publishes a Blogger blog that Google indexes incompletely. Google Search Console is supposed to debug such issues,... [more inside]

October, 2018

Senior Software Engineer on SecureDrop

Interested in joining a team that makes software that helps public interest journalism? https://freedom.... [more inside]

Seeking Mac and iOS Macro/Shortcut/Service developer

Environment: I use iA Writer for all my writing, switching between iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. The current versions support [more inside]

Associate Site Reliability Engineer at journalism tech nonprofit

The Freedom of the Press Foundation is seeking a diverse range of candidates for a full-time job helping defend public interest journalism by maintaining and improving FPF's public-facing websites and internal systems and services. This position... [more inside]

August, 2018

Volunteer Python dev needed for progressive activism site

It's Our Call channels progressive activism to where it can do the most good. We've got a front-end designed, tested, and under development, and back-end dev ramping up and in need of help! If you've got some... [more inside]

SW and HW Engineers needed for real-time low-power machine learning

aiCTX is a small (<10 employees) startup based in Switzerland, with a diverse group of SW, HW and ML engineers. We design ultra low power analog and mixed-signal neuromorphic silicon, built for real-time machine learning applications. We're... [more inside]

July, 2018

Web Application/Front-End Developer

viaPeople is hiring a web application developer to work in a team expanding our human resources software offerings. The ideal candidate will be skilled in JavaScript/jQuery, as well as in at least one other modern framework such as Vue (preferred),... [more inside]

October, 2017

Coach me through The Odin Project

After 17 years on Mefi, I want to learn how to code. I like the hacker boot camp model but don't really need a job (am semi retired). I need a coach / tutor who can guide me through learning full stack basics, in a really super practical way. I... [more inside]

April, 2017

iOS developer contract with possible full-time expansion

Hi! This is a project I care a lot about, so I am passing it on to you. MyHealthEd, Inc, a nonprofit startup focused on improving youth health education through technology, is looking for an experienced iOS developer The candidate is someone... [more inside]

October, 2016

Pair program with me.

I'd like to find someone to virtually pair program Ruby projects with on a regular basis. Vim, Screen, Tox (or similar setup). I feel somewhat odd in that I'm basically searching for a tutor/friend. I want this to help fill the gaps that IRC,... [more inside]

September, 2016

PHP Backend Developer

I'm the hiring manager for a mid-level PHP developer in West London, UK. You'd be working to me in BBC Engineering developing RESTful HTTP APIs for mobile / web apps used by internal staff. We're a small agile team with low red tape and high... [more inside]

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