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May, 2023

Writers/editors for translating blog to English, German and French

Snabblån Express is a Swedish-based website looking to expand into the global audience. We specialize in money-management and personal economy. Our aim is to increase knowledge about money-lending and... [more inside]

July, 2022

Transfering faculty profiles (~150) into a new format

I'm leading a web redevelopment project, and will need help with the process of taking faculty profiles from a current website and converting them into a new format. The process will be to work from a spreadsheet/checklist of faculty members,... [more inside]

March, 2022

Call for submissions for women's writing anthology

Seeking personal essays written by women, from 1,500-5,000 words. Upcoming themes include the natural world (deadline 6/1/22) and toxic workplaces (9/1/22). This anthology series is intended to amplify women’s voices, but the successful essay... [more inside]

January, 2022

Typist needed

I am looking for someone part-time who can type up handwritten drafts, and input handwritten edits to Microsoft Word files. Requirements: - able to learn a few simple editing shorthand marks (and to decipher handwriting) - can devote a few hours... [more inside]

September, 2021

Modelworks seeking Aviation writer for our social media

We are seeking an Aviation enthusiast who can write Aviation content on various Aviation websites on a number of topics. Are you passional about Aircraft Models? Topics can include WW2 aircraft or the latest and greatest Jets. All Aviation... [more inside]

December, 2020

Fact checker for non-fiction book

I'm looking for a fact checker for I’m writing a book about the perils and promise of gamification, covering games and technology, but also psychology, health, work, education, history, philosophy, and politics. You should have experience with... [more inside]

June, 2020

API Technical Writer

We're looking to bring on a contract tech writer (part time for 2-4 months or full time for 1 month, extension possible, conversion to full time maybe possible) to help us improve our API documentation. Responsibilities include writing new articles... [more inside]

May, 2019

Edit cover letter for healthcare position

I have just completed the education requirements for a job in healthcare and need to now apply for positions. I have delayed sending out applications due to nervousness about explaining job gaps and relating my previous work to these positions. I'm... [more inside]

December, 2018

Funny Freelance greeting card writer!

Hi. I buy funny greeting card copy. Always looking for talented, hilarious writers to join our pool of freelancers and supplement our in-house team with more breadth and fresh voices. We have ongoing open calls for submission and invited... [more inside]

July, 2018

Talented editors needed for ongoing writing project

We're a small business that professionally edits resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Our goal is always to bring the resume as it's been given to us, and the job postings the candidates are after, into a stronger union—typically by... [more inside]

February, 2018

Native speaker needed to proofread 361+20 words of Spanish

I wrote a couple of little books for my baby and they're Spanish/English bilingual. Spanish is technically one of my first languages, but I haven't studied it formally and I don't read much in Spanish, I need someone to check my work. One book is 20... [more inside]

October, 2014

Looking for Freelance Writers

ThoughtWorks is looking for freelance writers. We're a global IT consultancy full of passionate technologists working on ambitious missions for our clients. We're now embarking on an ambitious mission of our own... [more inside]

July, 2014

Director of Content and Community

We're looking for an exceptional social media editorial mind to develop a content strategy that will inspire and engage our user community. Our Mobile app enables open discussions between our members around a broad base of topics. Our community is a... [more inside]

June, 2014

Looking for environmental science bloggers

My day job working for a clean energy non-profit has some freelance gigs for bloggers who have written about and have some technical knowledge of one of the following topics: - solar energy (PV or thermal or both) - energy storage - wind... [more inside]

October, 2013

Translate one page into Arabic

We have been reading about the Librarian of Basra in my 4th and 5th grade classes and several kids wanted to write letters to Alia because they were so touched by her story. I want to mail them to Iraq with a cover letter, but I feel awkward just... [more inside]

May, 2013

Looking for a promotional writer for a game

We have a website for our game. The problem is all the words are made up gibberish. If you could take that and replace it with actual words, so that people read the words and say "hey, this CYOA/Diablo game sounds stupendous and I will buy it... [more inside]

November, 2012

Looking for a game writer

Looking for someone who writes video games, or other interactive media, and is interested in creating a short interactive story & brainstorming with us. Portfolio/examples recommended!... [more inside]

October, 2012

Write a Carbituary

Carbituaries is a table-top book in pre-production at EGM. I've been asked to compile great stories from all kinds of people (not just writers). I'm looking for stories about your long lost car, why it meant so much to you, and how it met its death.... [more inside]

August, 2012

Volunteer Copy Editor

In need of a bike-friendly copy editor for a US school-based bike curriculum I wrote for the WI Bike Federation (a non-profit bike advocacy group). Curriculum is ~100 pp. Many graphics and repeated text.... [more inside]

July, 2012

Volunteer to translate some lyrics from English to Spanish?

Anyone feel like translating (a lot of) English lyrics into Spanish? Here are some song lyrics that I would like translated into Spanish. They don't have to be perfect, and they don't have to be in any particular rhythm or rhyme scheme. They will... [more inside]

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