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Sr. Security Engineer

I am looking for a security engineer to come work on me on the Security Engineering team in Austin. There's me the manager, and three other people. We're part of a larger security team of about 18 people. The position is at Home Away. I'm... [more inside]

Career Facilitator to run recruiting at Recurse Center

The Recurse Center is a radically self-directed educational retreat integrated with a recruiting agency. We’re hiring a Career Facilitator to help run our recruiting business. This... [more inside]


Cat sitting in Jackson Heights, Queens

I need someone to look after our cute but rather shy kitties from April 8 until April 14. My husband and I are traveling to LA and would rather not board them at the vet, which is what we usually do. They're pretty low-maintenance, although as I... [more inside]

Writer: learning & testing material

Author curriculum resources, review materials, and tests for DemiDec. Products include flashcards, quizzes, exams, resource guides, cram kits, and workbooks; see a sampler [more inside]

Preservation and Digital Archivist, Villanova University, Villanova PA

Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library seeks an entrepreneurial and technologically adept archivist to serve as the Preservation and Digital Archivist. Reporting to the Director of Distinctive Collections and Digital Engagement, the... [more inside]

Calculus/Linear Algebra programming in R tutor

I am taking an online course called Linear Algebra and Calculus for Machine Learning, which is in preparation me to take a Machine Learning course in the same program. I have taken Calc 1 25 years ago in undergrad but am not very good at it. I am... [more inside]

Illustration of a dinosaur by Sunday

I need someone to draw a dinosaur for me by Sunday, with some text. The illustration must be 800x800 and 4mb. Color or black-and-white are acceptable. This is for a song on SoundCloud.... [more inside]

Frontend Engineer

At Occipital, we’re working on spatial computing — using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real world spaces. We’ve launched many products in this... [more inside]

Seeking a couple or two, to marry in Massachusetts

This ordained MeFi is looking for a couple of couples to work with---to create, and then officiate, your ceremonies at no charge. Ideally you’re getting hitched between now and July. I'm in the middle of a training certification on ceremony design... [more inside]


Account Manager

viaPeople, Inc. is a fast-growing Human Resources Software company located in Plainsboro NJ. We are seeking an enthusiastic, full-time Account Manager who will be the customer-facing contact for world-class corporations in the Financial Services,... [more inside]

Ukulele transcriptionist

I'm working on a covers album and I'd like to play a few of the riffs and solos. Unfortunately, my attempts at transcribing the solos has come up short. I'm looking for someone who can listen to three or four songs and transcribe the solos for... [more inside]

Native speaker needed to proofread 361+20 words of Spanish

I wrote a couple of little books for my baby and they're Spanish/English bilingual. Spanish is technically one of my first languages, but I haven't studied it formally and I don't read much in Spanish, I need someone to check my work. One book is 20... [more inside]

$50 to draw a picture of a photograph

Hi, I would like to commission someone to draw a picture of a photograph. It's for a Valentine's Day present. If you're interested, can you DM me with a link to some of your work online. Details: 1) I would like to get this by Wednesday. I live in... [more inside]

User Experience (UX) Researcher

See full job description [PDF] Key responsibilities include: • Support public health and healthcare organizations in developing... [more inside]


Taxation bureaucracy Australia

Oriented to Australian circumstances Taxation Investment Retirement Life Preferred existing professional qualification but will... [more inside]

Seeking Help Desk Technician

We are a small but fast-growing Managed Services company located in downtown Seattle. Founded by two former Microsoft Execs, we offer a flexible and friendly environment. All employees have the option to work from home 2-days per week after a 90-day... [more inside]

I need a knit Adult JCVJ Onesie

I have no idea of what the cost would be for someone to knit me a John Claude Van Johnson onesie for a 6'3" adult. It doesn't have to be knit... but... that was in the initial imagining... I don't know what this would look... [more inside]

December, 2017

Pictures in Vienna

I am looking for someone to take a picture or two of 3-5 locations in Vienna for a book I am putting together about my grandparents life.... [more inside]

Facilitate the next Einstein - consult, find scholarship, etc.

My nephew is a genius level savant, currently 15 years old and completing high school in Tajikistan. I am not exaggerating, he is going to be someone world famous for some huge important science breakthrough in 20 years. He attends the only... [more inside]

November, 2017

Someone in Italy to buy 10 boxes of Biochetasi and mail them to me

Looking for someone to buy Biochetasi and ship them to me. It is the only thing that helps my unrelenting morning sickness and now that I'm back in the US, I can't get it.... [more inside]

In Pursuit of Porphyrellus

My friend is doing her thesis on porphyrellus mushrooms in CA/OR/WA, and she needs enough of these from different sites to be able to reach conclusions. She's got all the mushroom hunting clubs clued in to look for 'em already, but I thought I might... [more inside]

October, 2017

Recycle an ancient and enormous TV

The previous owners of my house left behind a pretty big TV in the basement. Bring a friend, and probably a truck, to help you heave it up the (interior) basement stairs and haul it away to a legit e-waste recycler. There are a few exterior... [more inside]

Feedback on my application for library assistant in an academic library

Applied recently for a (very) part-time unqualified post in an academic library. Didn't get an interview but want to apply again when a similar post comes up. I'm looking for someone with experience in an academic library in the UK to read my... [more inside]

Coach me through The Odin Project

After 17 years on Mefi, I want to learn how to code. I like the hacker boot camp model but don't really need a job (am semi retired). I need a coach / tutor who can guide me through learning full stack basics, in a really super practical way. I... [more inside]

Expert Adobe Illustrator tutor needed (online)

Are you an absolute wizard in Adobe Illustrator CC? Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts? Do you know five different ways to do anything, and when you'd use each one? Do you speak Photoshop also, so you can put things in terms I understand?... [more inside]