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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant

I'm looking for someone who can advise on design and implementation issues on an hourly basis for Dynamics 365 BC. The business operates by collecting revenues from third parties on behalf of our customers. We then pay out those revenues to our... [more inside]

CSS/Jekyll Template Design

We have an existing website that uses a Jekyll template, and we like the Jekyll framework. We're a small nonprofit, and the site is pretty small overall (https://iiif.io/). This summer, we've just undertaken an effort to revise most of our web... [more inside]

reddit/4chan clone with easy ad server

Looking for someone to help me homebrew together a reddit/4chan clone with a small ad server. I got server space and a domain and have some sense of the open source software that needs to be installed and tinkered with. I'm sick of corporations and... [more inside]


API Technical Writer

We're looking to bring on a contract tech writer (part time for 2-4 months or full time for 1 month, extension possible, conversion to full time maybe possible) to help us improve our API documentation. Responsibilities include writing new articles... [more inside]

Redesign My Website

I have a small business that has now outgrown its Wordpress e-commerce site (Frankensteined together by me, a non-techie). The site includes a blog and a remotely hosted podcast, and has become a bit of a monster to administer. I am looking for a... [more inside]

WordPress/ComicPress site upgrade and migration

Ok this is pretty embarrassing considering that my day job is a UX designer for huge websites, but my webcomic is on a positively ancient version of comicpress, and the theme, PHP, and WP instance is all out of date. My site is now starting to break... [more inside]

Product Manager

Zenith Home Corp (ZHC), a consumer products company headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, is looking for a Product Manager to join our Product Development team. Description The Product Manager will be responsible for innovative product... [more inside]

Warehouse set-up

NPSG provides warehouse solutions for our clients. We are looking for general labor associates, GL & install techs, project managers, racking staff and more across the United States. This is warehouse set up and not picking work. You will be... [more inside]


Looking for summarization of audio of 2-hour meeting

My employer is used to meetings in person, but during the CoronApocalypse has begun taking meetings in Zoom like many others. I just got through with a 2-hour (actually 1:51) meeting and my employer would like a summary -- not a transcription, but a... [more inside]


Move a WordPress blog to a new host

I have a HostGator-hosted WordPress blog that is on an increasingly outdated version of PHP and WP. I would like to transfer it to a new host, ideally one that is cheaper and that lets me stop worrying about details like the PHP version. Setting up... [more inside]

Perform Record a Version of the Song "Down by the Bay"

I wrote a book for my son's birthday that is a version of the song Down by the Bay. I would love to accompany the not-quite-a-book with an... [more inside]

Designer for print + web publication

The Affecting Technologies group of the Center for Arts, Design + Social Research is looking to hire a designer or studio to work with us on designing a publication for print and web. The goal of the publication is to document the presentations,... [more inside]


Custom sewing work

I'd like to have a set of women's pajamas with piping made from jersey knit Spoonflower fabric I designed. Here's the pattern: https://mccall.com/b6296. Please contact me for more info.... [more inside]

Production Executive

We are looking for an ambitious, highly-organised individual who is ready to take the next step. You will be working on our core Zombies, Run! product, along with our fast-growing "New Adventures" segment that is expanding into new... [more inside]


Digital Marketing Specialist (Atlanta GA/Remote possible)

Our company is the market leader in real-time, mass notification and collaboration solutions used by the world’s largest brands and thousands of government agencies to deliver critical information in any situation. Mass notification and collaboration... [more inside]


Someone to design and implement a simple, attractive static web page

Forgive me for the following display of ignorance. I'm looking for someone to develop a simple and attractive static website. I'm agnostic about the development framework. The functionality needed would be a simple landing page that functions as... [more inside]

Someone to run a quick errand in Portland

I'm looking for someone to buy something at a grocery store and take it to a friend in the Garden Home neighborhood. I will Paypal you for all costs plus $25. Please be someone with an active Metafilter history.... [more inside]

sysadmin/developer/devops type folks

Indiana University's Global Network Operations Center is looking to hire multiple people into their systems engineering and software development group. Are you a sysadmin who's capable of dev? Are you a dev who's capable of sysadmin? Know some of... [more inside]

Help me apply to jobs

I have some mental illness/executive function/autism issues that make applying to jobs a particularly excruciating and time consuming, and I need someone to help look through listings, customize my resumes and cover letters and send them out. We... [more inside]

Girl Scout Cookies

I’m looking for someone who is either selling Girl Scout cookies in Chapel Hill, NC or can share their online page for internet orders. Specific bakery does not matter to me. I just like cookies and supporting GS.... [more inside]

VBA Outlook Macro

Looking for someone to write a VBA macro for Outlook involving searching for text within a table and deleting the table if that match is found within it; also detecting if it's being run a received message (as opposed to an open composition window)... [more inside]

November, 2019

Social media freelance help

I'm looking for a couple of hours a week of someone's time indefinitely to help with social media. Current project is I'd like to highlight some local artists whose work is being "shown" at our airbnb guest house so was thinking that I'd... [more inside]

Full-Time (Salaried) Retail Associate at the Crow Museum of Asian Art

Posting on behalf of my boyfriend, who's looking to fill this position and having a hard time finding candidates. They're targeting a fresh high school or college grad but are open to anyone with enthusiasm for Asian Art. It's a super-cool, high-end... [more inside]

Photoshop an 80s style double exposure for my family holiday card

Hi, I’m looking for someone to create a double exposure photo. I need brief guidance on how to set up the photos to get the best results, then I’ll email you the files. [more inside]

Looking for someone to pick up a small heavy table on long island ny and take it to greyhound

Unless you're planning a road trip to the west coast of course on which I'd be happy to have you take it the entire way!... [more inside]