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EFF Activist

EFF is looking for a new writer to join our activism team, focusing on privacy and surveillance. I wrote a blog post... [more inside]

New project from XOXO organizers seeking senior level engineer and project manager

The creators of XOXO, an experimental festival for independent artists and creators working on the internet, are working on a new platform to help artists and creators share their work, form... [more inside]


Quickie: Fix Blogger Indexing Issue via Google Search Console

Per this AskMeFi question 
A friend publishes a Blogger blog that Google indexes incompletely. Google Search Console is supposed to debug such issues,... [more inside]

Women's Garment Pattern Drafting

Draft women's pattern from photograph. Short hooded cape with cuffed sleeve. Cape, hood and sleeve are cut-in-one. Non-fitted garment (standard size measurement is fine), drafted onto paper, Swedish tracing paper or tissue (not tiled .pdf file for... [more inside]

STEM (preferably Psychology) grad student / PhD needed to help look over CV/resume draft

Friend is putting together a CV for psychology-related lab positions/grad school and could use an extra pair of (knowledgeable) eyes, especially for the sections describing research/project/clinical experience. PM me for details.... [more inside]

December, 2018

Funny Freelance greeting card writer!

Hi. I buy funny greeting card copy. Always looking for talented, hilarious writers to join our pool of freelancers and supplement our in-house team with more breadth and fresh voices. We have ongoing open calls for submission and invited... [more inside]

November, 2018

3D Conversion Artist

I am putting together a small team to tackle the conversion of a :30 commercial television spot to stereoscopic 3D using the usual attack vectors -- rotoscoping, displacement, and depth mapping, with assembly in After Effects. It's been a few... [more inside]

Clinical Research Operations Specialist- IT oriented

My team of 7 in Operations in the Office of Clinical Research at the University of Pennsylvania is looking to add a new full time team member who will be responsible for project management on clinical... [more inside]

October, 2018

Senior Software Engineer on SecureDrop

Interested in joining a team that makes software that helps public interest journalism? https://freedom.... [more inside]

Seeking Mac and iOS Macro/Shortcut/Service developer

Environment: I use iA Writer for all my writing, switching between iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. The current versions support [more inside]

Backend Web Developer / DevOps

My small team at the College of Arts & Sciences at the Univeristy of Washington is looking for a backend web developer with experience in devops, cloud services, security, and automating deployments and testing in an AWS environment. Must also... [more inside]

Associate Site Reliability Engineer at journalism tech nonprofit

The Freedom of the Press Foundation is seeking a diverse range of candidates for a full-time job helping defend public interest journalism by maintaining and improving FPF's public-facing websites and internal systems and services. This position... [more inside]

Need an experienced bassist to write me a tab

I would really like to learn Fleetwood Mac's Silver Springs, but I'm finding it very difficult to find an accurate tab. I want it to sound as close to the original as possible. I'm just starting to learn, so I can't quite figure it out by ear... [more inside]

Archives Researcher

I need someone to visit the Indiana State Archives and look for particular documents, make copies and forward them to me. A limited task, probably 8 hours total. No special qualifications necessary beyond basic library-type skills.... [more inside]

Flyer Distribution

I need someone to print copies of a flyer and distribute it around Capitol Hill. The flyer needs to be photographed at recognizable government buildings. Beyond the pay per hour, I will cover printing costs and travel costs on public transportation.... [more inside]

September, 2018

photo project help

I'm taking a photo class and would like to make a project about how the news makes us angry! I'm asking you to send a digital selfie headshot (or another person is fine) looking angry, and either a link or headline for what in the news is making you... [more inside]

Library Director for Mesa County Libraries in Colorado

Howdy. This is not a job I am hiring for. It is a job I just spotted that seems like it might be a good fit for one of the many librarians of MetaFilter. Details here. Note:... [more inside]

Seeking nude Yoga/Pilates Teachers in Boston (& NYC)

Naked in Motion is looking for new instructors in Boston and NYC (especially Boston). We offer Naked! Yoga & Pilates classes with a feminist, body-positive, queer-friendly, inclusive twist. Read about the mission [more inside]

August, 2018

3d model my hypothetical kitchen

I have a drawing of a kitchen plan from a kitchen designer, but I would like to see it in 3d. I am not fussed about the details of color or cabinet style/finish and so on -- I just want the basic ability to pan and rotate around and see what the... [more inside]

One-off Graphic Design Project for Button/Sticker

Hi. I've got a side project around activism and would like to produce a graphic I can use to print buttons and stickers. This is a single image/design, not a range. A concept is in place, but I lack the design skills to create great-looking... [more inside]

Volunteer Python dev needed for progressive activism site

It's Our Call channels progressive activism to where it can do the most good. We've got a front-end designed, tested, and under development, and back-end dev ramping up and in need of help! If you've got some... [more inside]

SW and HW Engineers needed for real-time low-power machine learning

aiCTX is a small (<10 employees) startup based in Switzerland, with a diverse group of SW, HW and ML engineers. We design ultra low power analog and mixed-signal neuromorphic silicon, built for real-time machine learning applications. We're... [more inside]

July, 2018

Talented editors needed for ongoing writing project

We're a small business that professionally edits resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Our goal is always to bring the resume as it's been given to us, and the job postings the candidates are after, into a stronger union—typically by... [more inside]

Are you a professional woman, aged 30-55, who has experienced hiring discrimination? Tell me your story.

Did you lose your job at some point, and then have significant trouble getting another one? Do you have similarly qualified male peers who seemed to get hired more easily? Are you getting fewer interviews than you used to despite being up-to-date... [more inside]

Web Application/Front-End Developer

viaPeople is hiring a web application developer to work in a team expanding our human resources software offerings. The ideal candidate will be skilled in JavaScript/jQuery, as well as in at least one other modern framework such as Vue (preferred),... [more inside]

June, 2018

Senior Web Developer - Natural History Museum

Join a fab team doing fascinating work in one of the world's great museums. From the job description: "In order to deliver our strategy we are looking for a... [more inside]