Website Developer / Programmer - Side Job / Crowdfunded

I have a simple but potentially powerful idea for a Canadian political / social activism website. You would be the main (only) web dev person. I think the site and the concept behind it could become quite high visibility and popular. I will cover... [more inside]


Help build a WordPress website for our tiny charity

My family started a charity where we partner with a local YMCA to offer swim lessons to foster kids. The program is at one site so far but we've helped 30+ kids and have dreams of growing it across the country. I bought a hosting plan and a... [more inside]

Paypal checkout figure-outer

I need to add a paypal checkout to my website to sell one item with different options for shipping (US, Canada, Europe, etc.). It should take them to PayPal to pay or have a popup where they do their PayPal thing. Unless there's a better way--you... [more inside]

Immediate Opening: Customer Journey Specialist

Job Summary Building strong client relationships while facilitating the upgrade from existing products to the latest product version. Managing them through their customer journey with OnSolve’s new enhanced product platform by... [more inside]

Shopify dev for quick job

A small businessperson needs help from a Shopify dev to speed up their site. In particular, they need lazy load implemented and some JavaScript and CSS streamlining. Is this up your alley?... [more inside]

Graphic design

I’m looking for someone to make my friend and I look like Hall and Oats. I’m thinking caricature of our faces with the hair and mustache. It’s going to be used to on a tee shirt as a gift.... [more inside]

December, 2020

Burn and mail some dvds

I want to share some videos with my grandma who does not have internet. She's in the US and only has a very basic dvd player. I'm looking for someone to take these files (in my Google drive), burn them to a playable dvd (not a data disc) and mail... [more inside]

Fact checker for non-fiction book

I'm looking for a fact checker for I’m writing a book about the perils and promise of gamification, covering games and technology, but also psychology, health, work, education, history, philosophy, and politics. You should have experience with... [more inside]

Java Mentor (Virtual) - Coding, Architecture

I would like to hire a mentor whose brain I can pick for about an hour, once or twice a week. I am an intermediate Java developer at a large corporate (quasi-gov't) organization who wants to level up her skills and architecture knowledge. I only have... [more inside]

Tech tutor / troubleshooter

For a personal home project I would like to make a web page on my home network that has some buttons that send OSC commands to control the lighting in my house. The ultimate goal is if you're attached to my home wifi you can go to something like... [more inside]

November, 2020

Looking for practice clients to receive free coaching sessions on Zoom

I am seeking several practice clients to receive up to five free one-hour coaching sessions to help me develop my skills and fulfil the graduation requirements towards a Diploma in Transformational Coaching through [more inside]

Help me repack boxes to make them bug-proof

As mentioned here, I'm looking for help to re-pack boxes in a storage unit in SSF so I can have peace-of-mind that I'm not bringing silverfish with me. I plan to have a... [more inside]

Q/A Automation & Web Application Engineering Help Wanted [Remote]

We're a new entry in the crowdfunding space focused on competitive/gamified but friendly fundraising. We have our minimum viable product, and we've helped some large and small non-profits raise about half a million dollars. But we're limited by what... [more inside]

October, 2020

Are you a maker? (3d printing, laser cutting, moulded silicone...?) Make doll glasses

My son is getting glasses just before Christmas. I'd like to get some glasses for his Cabbage Patch Doll and for his Corolle doll. Surprisingly, etsy, wish, aliexpress have failed me. Can you make some glasses that would fit those dolls and be... [more inside]

Create simplified sheet music of anime themes

A friend of mine is learning piano, and I'm trying to be supportive. She likes anime a lot (FLCL, Evangelion, almost all Ghibli, open to suggestions for simple themes). She's a total novice, but if possible, I'd like to offer her a few songs where... [more inside]

September, 2020

Principal IT Architect, Commercial and Medical IT

We're looking for a great IT architect in the Weston area (just outside of Boston) to help with platform innovation around our Commercial and Medical IT. [more inside]

Help me pack a studio apartment in Oakland

I had to move unexpectedly and need help with packing/getting rid of things in my apartment. I have a handful of things that can go out on the curb to give away (small bookcase, chair, etc, nothing very heavy). I also need to pack some things (tiny... [more inside]

Game UI/Generalist Programmer, Character Modeler, and VFX Artist

Sirlin Games is looking to hire a game UI and generalist programmer, a character modeler, and a visual effects artist to work on their indie fighting game Fantasy Strike. If you're a game developer or... [more inside]

August, 2020

Help me with WIX?

I just signed up for Wix and, hoo boy. I could really use a few hours of help and am happy to pay a fair rate. Thanks!... [more inside]

July, 2020

CSS/Jekyll Template Design

We have an existing website that uses a Jekyll template, and we like the Jekyll framework. We're a small nonprofit, and the site is pretty small overall (https://iiif.io/). This summer, we've just undertaken an effort to revise most of our web... [more inside]

reddit/4chan clone with easy ad server

Looking for someone to help me homebrew together a reddit/4chan clone with a small ad server. I got server space and a domain and have some sense of the open source software that needs to be installed and tinkered with. I'm sick of corporations and... [more inside]

June, 2020

API Technical Writer

We're looking to bring on a contract tech writer (part time for 2-4 months or full time for 1 month, extension possible, conversion to full time maybe possible) to help us improve our API documentation. Responsibilities include writing new articles... [more inside]

Redesign My Website

I have a small business that has now outgrown its Wordpress e-commerce site (Frankensteined together by me, a non-techie). The site includes a blog and a remotely hosted podcast, and has become a bit of a monster to administer. I am looking for a... [more inside]

Product Manager

Zenith Home Corp (ZHC), a consumer products company headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, is looking for a Product Manager to join our Product Development team. Description The Product Manager will be responsible for innovative product... [more inside]

Warehouse set-up

NPSG provides warehouse solutions for our clients. We are looking for general labor associates, GL & install techs, project managers, racking staff and more across the United States. This is warehouse set up and not picking work. You will be... [more inside]