Someone to design and implement a simple, attractive static web page
January 27, 2020 8:22 AM

Forgive me for the following display of ignorance.

I'm looking for someone to develop a simple and attractive static website. I'm agnostic about the development framework. The functionality needed would be a simple landing page that functions as about/contact and a page that would act as a form where users could upload a file (~25MB .wav). The files would be automatically uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. (whatever is easiest). I have no visual assets (logos, images, etc.). I have some examples of design I have in mind as models (Jekyll pages, etc.) that I can share with you.

I have never hired anyone for a project of this kind, so I don't know what common practice is re: contract pay, but I have a soft budget of ~1,000USD.

I don't yet have a domain registered anywhere.

payscale: ~1,000USD
job type: contract
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