Q/A Automation & Web Application Engineering Help Wanted [Remote]
November 3, 2020 12:33 PM

We're a new entry in the crowdfunding space focused on competitive/gamified but friendly fundraising. We have our minimum viable product, and we've helped some large and small non-profits raise about half a million dollars. But we're limited by what our current 1-2 person dev team can accomplish on more than a plodding timeline. We're seeking a fully remote contract (potentially to perm) developer to help us move faster, engineer better, and otherwise improve things.

In general, we're looking for thoughtful development talent with an engineering mindset. You're familiar with a framework or two, know more than one programming language, but you're less invested in any particular framework or language, and more interested in questions about what a given project needs. You're pragmatic rather than opinionated, and you know how to think/talk through pros and cons of your choices. You're wary of the word "modern" but you're interested in keeping up and learning more.

Specific needs include someone who can help us:

* automate functional, end-to-end, and load testing. Knowledge of Selenium or other browser automation tools is probably key here.

* apply practical knowledge regarding managing communications & data synchronization via websockets on both the back and front end (we're especially eyeing Elixir/Erlang/OTP for this).

* add to, clean up, and perhaps begin to replace dynamic pieces of our front-end code. We generally take a progressive-enhancement-first approach, and will likely need someone who knows JS/front-end work down to the language/DOM/browser-API level, but we also appreciate lessons learned from time on the SPA battlefield (be warned that "Angular" is a dirty word here).

* apply insight into cloud offerings and how they can support transient high demand situations. We have some limited horizontal scaling going into action, but we're especially considering how much of our currently generated page content could be periodically statically generated and CDN-hosted.

What we can offer:

* Fully remote work setup with a significantly flexible schedule, just be able to sync with others on Pacific or Mountain Time in consistent windows of availability via Slack/email/video on a regular basis, and finish projects & tasks on a reasonable timeline, and we don't care where you are or how you manage your time.

* Be more than a human compiler! We're small and you'll likely be able to contribute to product discussion and other choices. There are real possibilities for growth into primary technical leadership.

* Experience. If you're junior, we're willing to spend the time and attention to identify the talent and potential we're looking for over the usual signals and credentials.

* Equity in a project within a growing industry space is a possibility for permanent candidates.

To apply, contact via MeFiMail, or at the base-64 encoded email address in the contact field for this post. In addition to a resume, we like to see links to either personal demos or projects you've been a part of that you're pleased to share, and hearing about skills that may be a specific match.

payscale: $25-$50/hr DOE. Flat fee-for-work negotiable.
job type: contract
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