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Help plan a DIY US tour for an indie stage magician type

As per this AskMefi question, I've been selected to be part of a US West Coast spoken word & performance tour in March 2020 and... [more inside]


Jeweler/Crafty Person

I have a silver charm bracelet that’s in pretty rough shape, mostly because it’s a crummy bracelet and I put the charms on it myself. I’d like to find someone who can remove the charms, pretty them up, and put them on a decent bracelet. Of course,... [more inside]


Cartoon artist wanted

Hello! I have come up with text and associated doodles for five or so New Yorker-style (one panel) cartoons. I'd like to hire someone to upgrade my doodles to actual drawings, albeit still pretty simple ones. (Probably the most complex example is a... [more inside]


Crop scanned photos

I have ~250 BMP files that contain ~4 photos each. My mom and I scanned them a few years ago, doing 4 at a time on a flatbed, and attempting to keep them in relative order (we took them out of photo albums that were in relative order). I'd like to... [more inside]

November, 2018

3D Conversion Artist

I am putting together a small team to tackle the conversion of a :30 commercial television spot to stereoscopic 3D using the usual attack vectors -- rotoscoping, displacement, and depth mapping, with assembly in After Effects. It's been a few... [more inside]

October, 2018

Need an experienced bassist to write me a tab

I would really like to learn Fleetwood Mac's Silver Springs, but I'm finding it very difficult to find an accurate tab. I want it to sound as close to the original as possible. I'm just starting to learn, so I can't quite figure it out by ear... [more inside]

September, 2018

photo project help

I'm taking a photo class and would like to make a project about how the news makes us angry! I'm asking you to send a digital selfie headshot (or another person is fine) looking angry, and either a link or headline for what in the news is making you... [more inside]

August, 2018

One-off Graphic Design Project for Button/Sticker

Hi. I've got a side project around activism and would like to produce a graphic I can use to print buttons and stickers. This is a single image/design, not a range. A concept is in place, but I lack the design skills to create great-looking... [more inside]

March, 2018

Illustration of a dinosaur by Sunday

I need someone to draw a dinosaur for me by Sunday, with some text. The illustration must be 800x800 and 4mb. Color or black-and-white are acceptable. This is for a song on SoundCloud.... [more inside]

February, 2018

$50 to draw a picture of a photograph

Hi, I would like to commission someone to draw a picture of a photograph. It's for a Valentine's Day present. If you're interested, can you DM me with a link to some of your work online. Details: 1) I would like to get this by Wednesday. I live in... [more inside]

December, 2017

Pictures in Vienna

I am looking for someone to take a picture or two of 3-5 locations in Vienna for a book I am putting together about my grandparents life.... [more inside]

October, 2017

Expert Adobe Illustrator tutor needed (online)

Are you an absolute wizard in Adobe Illustrator CC? Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts? Do you know five different ways to do anything, and when you'd use each one? Do you speak Photoshop also, so you can put things in terms I understand?... [more inside]

Need an illustrator to express my ideas for a children's book

This is my first venture in children's books. But my idea is amazing. I need a few illustrations to go with my manuscript. The story line is about a pre-school teacher with a core group of students that explore and discover the universe and world in... [more inside]

July, 2017

Photo Editing 138 files - background removal, color correction

I have 138 jpg images of quilts that need to have their backgrounds removed. Two or three have complicated edges but most are defined. After the background is removed, those same files, + 22 more files, need to be color corrected. Most images, but... [more inside]

March, 2017

User Experience Specialist (DC metro or W. Mass)

Full job description [PDF] • Support public health and healthcare organizations in developing easy-to-use digital products • Define product... [more inside]

February, 2017

Charming masthead for email newsletter about MOBY-DICK

I'm launching an email newsletter about the novel MOBY-DICK: OR THE WHALE by the late American author Herman Melville, and I would like this publication to have a charming masthead. The newsletter is called "Call Me... [more inside]

October, 2016

video editing

i have a client that needs some very small graphic/video tasks done as part of an overhaul of their site after a company renaming, and i would like to outsource all of this to someone with the talent/desire for this. the first task is to superimpose... [more inside]

July, 2016

Art Commission for Fiasco RPG Playset

I've written a Fiasco Playset that I'd like to self publish (via a creative commons license). I'm satisfied with my writing and layout skills, but I'd really like to commission a striking cover that's in tune... [more inside]

April, 2016

Logo for a youth soccer tournament

Our soccer club needs a logo for a 3v3 tournament we're doing in June. We're looking for something line-art-y, not something crest-y, if that makes sense. Less formal, more fun. If you're interested, please shoot me an email with a rough cost, any... [more inside]

February, 2016

Graphic Design for iOS App

Yesterday I started building an iOS app and I have limited design skills. I'm looking for a design student or similar who would be interested in helping me design the app. I have a clear sense of what the app should do and how it will do it, and I... [more inside]

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