$50 to draw a picture of a photograph
February 11, 2018 5:47 PM

Hi, I would like to commission someone to draw a picture of a photograph. It's for a Valentine's Day present. If you're interested, can you DM me with a link to some of your work online. Details:

1) I would like to get this by Wednesday. I live in Brooklyn (Bushwick) and work in Manhattan (Grand Central). If you're not local, a scan or photo by Wednesday is fine, if mailing it will take longer than that.
2) I'm looking to spend $50.
3) I'm open to styles, but leaning toward more simple/stylized, so maybe pen, charcoal, or pencil. But feel free to show me whatever style you work in.
4) It's a (gay) sexual picture, but only from the waist up, so maybe a PG-13 in nature.

Any other questions, I'm happy to answer.

payscale: $50
job type: contract
posted by davidstandaford to Art/Media/Design

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