Cartoon artist wanted
April 14, 2019 1:44 PM

Hello! I have come up with text and associated doodles for five or so New Yorker-style (one panel) cartoons. I'd like to hire someone to upgrade my doodles to actual drawings, albeit still pretty simple ones. (Probably the most complex example is a small but crowded doctor's waiting room.) This is primarily for my own amusement, MAYBE as gifts to friends/family... with the slim possibility of sharing something internally within my company (someday).

I'm open to all kinds of techniques -- just want the results to look clean, consistent, and semi-professional (or better if that's how you roll!). My first thought on desired size is approximately 8.5x11 inches (but able to be shrunk down a good bit) (I think?)? I'm open to discussing any/all parameters.

Is this up your alley (or if not, would you mind sharing this with any gifted artist/cartoonist pals)?

I have zero idea what the going rates are for this kind of thing. Perhaps if you could cite me a price for the waiting room one (I can provide my doodle for guidance), and share a few examples of your drawings/cartoons that show your typical style, that might be the easiest way to start? I'm absolutely open to other approaches that would work best for you. If we're a good fit there's a good chance there will be more to come.

Thank you!

payscale: TBD
job type: contract
posted by argonauta to Art/Media/Design

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