Artwork, illustration, and graphic design
March 21, 2015 2:06 AM

I'm an art professor at a four-year university who likes to keep current in the field by consulting and freelancing in addition to continuing my own studio art practice. I teach a wide range of courses including painting, drawing, illustration, cartoon/comics, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, and typography so I am well versed in a variety of studio and graphic design skills and would be interested in learning about opportunities to consult or freelance with you or your company. Previous client work includes commissioned artwork (as distinct from my own studio work, which I also sell), logo creation, poster/PowerPoint/Excel document creation, photo retouching, writing/editing marketing copy, and providing marketing advice. Primarily I work remotely for clients, but I can also arrange private tutoring sessions or related in-person artistic roles like mural commissions for interested parties in the Kansas City, MO region. I am happy to provide a CV and/or a portfolio upon request.

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