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November 20

Someone in Italy to buy 10 boxes of Biochetasi and mail them to me
posted by tatiana wishbone to Et cetera at 7:55 AM PST - details

October 25

Recycle an ancient and enormous TV
posted by janell to Et cetera at 2:26 PM PST - details

October 20

Feedback on my application for library assistant in an academic library
posted by paduasoy to Writing/Editing at 6:36 PM PST - details

October 18

Coach me through The Odin Project
posted by mtstover to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 9:45 AM PST - details

July 31

Video editor for short subject
posted by pxe2000 to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 6:39 PM PST - details

July 17

Pick up 27 books and ship 12 of them to me.
posted by Malleable to Et cetera at 1:52 PM PST - details

July 12

Photo Editing 138 files - background removal, color correction
posted by cocoagirl to Art/Media/Design at 10:39 AM PST - details

April 26

iOS developer contract with possible full-time expansion
posted by Stewriffic to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 10:38 AM PST - details

April 7

Photographer in NYC
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 10:33 PM PST - details

February 25

Cleaning up a hacked Wordpress
posted by imsoymilk to Technical Support at 9:13 PM PST - details

February 12

WordPress in Indy?
posted by Thorzdad to Web/HTML/Info Design at 11:52 AM PST - details

February 10

Charming masthead for email newsletter about MOBY-DICK
posted by chrchr to Art/Media/Design at 6:55 PM PST - details

January 12

PHP Coder to convert/implement an administrative dashboard
posted by sandra_s to Web/HTML/Info Design at 8:11 AM PST - details

December 27, 2016

For home computer -- problem solver who likes to work with PCs and associated equipment
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff to Technical Support at 10:15 PM PST - details

December 12, 2016

Math pal for my dad
posted by anshuman to Science/Biotech at 4:35 PM PST - details

December 5, 2016

Organize my iTunes
posted by Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell to Et cetera at 10:13 PM PST - details

December 4, 2016

Need a Boston-area boarder for my two pet rats (December 23-27)
posted by miniraptor to Et cetera at 9:25 AM PST - details

November 23, 2016

Web video troubleshooter
posted by kristi to Web/HTML/Info Design at 11:02 AM PST - details

October 27, 2016

video editing
posted by lescour to Art/Media/Design at 1:20 PM PST - details

September 23, 2016

Take my picture!
posted by unannihilated to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 2:31 PM PST - details

September 20, 2016

WordPress person to help whip a simple Divi template into shape
posted by cyndigo to Web/HTML/Info Design at 11:13 AM PST - details

August 12, 2016

posted by metasluggo to Architect/Engineer/CAD at 4:17 AM PST - details

July 29, 2016

Art Commission for Fiasco RPG Playset
posted by ursus_comiter to Art/Media/Design at 12:23 PM PST - details

July 22, 2016

Watson speech-to-text enabler
posted by sardonyx to Web/HTML/Info Design at 8:29 AM PST - details

July 7, 2016

help me figure out a bass tab
posted by thereemix to Et cetera at 1:03 PM PST - details

July 6, 2016

posted by LegallyBread to Web/HTML/Info Design at 10:08 AM PST - details

April 22, 2016

Cupcake delivery to the Brooklyn Museum
posted by listen, lady to Customer Service at 11:38 AM PST - details

April 10, 2016

Wanted: Video game programmers (UI and VFX) familiar with Unity
posted by DoctorFedora to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 7:21 PM PST - details

April 9, 2016

Pick up and ship family heirloom sculpture
posted by matildaben to Et cetera at 7:32 PM PST - details

April 1, 2016

Logo for a youth soccer tournament
posted by Doofus Magoo to Art/Media/Design at 7:45 AM PST - details

March 22, 2016

Programmer / developer / tester wanted for short-term database and front-end work for infosec / finsec start-up
posted by travellingincognito to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 1:26 AM PST - details

March 21, 2016

Videographer for our Booth at PAX East (April 22-24)
posted by musofire to TV/Film/Video/Radio at 9:15 AM PST - details

January 19, 2016

Temporary picker/packer
posted by adrianhon to Admin/Office at 9:32 AM PST - details

December 2, 2015

Full Stack Developer
posted by Uncle Glendinning to Web/HTML/Info Design at 1:06 PM PST - details

December 1, 2015

Looking for a steady-handed videographer
posted by pxe2000 to Art/Media/Design at 9:20 AM PST - details

November 29, 2015

Unintrusive wedding photographer needed
posted by greatgefilte to Art/Media/Design at 5:51 PM PST - details

November 17, 2015

Help me host a custom RSS aggregator
posted by cacofonie to Web/HTML/Info Design at 2:27 PM PST - details

November 16, 2015

Looking for an accordionist
posted by pxe2000 to Art/Media/Design at 6:59 AM PST - details

November 6, 2015

Graphic Design for iOS App
posted by alms to Art/Media/Design at 1:09 PM PST - details

October 15, 2015

Freelance VFX artist for feature film
posted by drjimmy11 to Art/Media/Design at 11:13 AM PST - details

October 7, 2015

Character/Scene artist
posted by Zarkonnen to Art/Media/Design at 7:05 AM PST - details

September 25, 2015

Freelance designer
posted by fdhidalgo to Art/Media/Design at 9:46 AM PST - details

September 2, 2015

posted by roll truck roll to Art/Media/Design at 12:56 PM PST - details

September 1, 2015

You! With the steady hands!
posted by pxe2000 to Art/Media/Design at 6:08 PM PST - details

August 26, 2015

Small AdWords consulting session for NYC brick/mortar business.
posted by Jack Karaoke to Marketing/Advertising/PR at 3:56 PM PST - details

August 21, 2015

Origin Scientific Graphics -- Small Job
posted by ZenMasterThis to Science/Biotech at 8:47 AM PST - details

August 17, 2015

Deliver boxes from Bay Area CA to Sterling VA
posted by divabat to Et cetera at 1:17 PM PST - details

August 13, 2015

Database help
posted by Nevin to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 2:27 PM PST - details

August 10, 2015

Dog sit & apartment sit in Pasadena, 8/29 - 9/7
posted by samthemander to Et cetera at 5:15 PM PST - details

July 23, 2015

Contract/Temp-to-Perm Senior Backend Developer
posted by snickerdoodle to Software/QA/DBA/Etc at 7:53 PM PST - details

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