Volunteer to translate some lyrics from English to Spanish?
July 13, 2012 10:23 AM

Anyone feel like translating (a lot of) English lyrics into Spanish?

Here are some song lyrics that I would like translated into Spanish. They don't have to be perfect, and they don't have to be in any particular rhythm or rhyme scheme. They will be sung in a free-form style as some sort of Latin-ish music (still to be written) plays in the background.

(translator will be credited wherever lyrics are posted like e.g. MySpace, BandCamp, etc.)


Long ago an American girl listened to the radio. She loved Elvis, and then later the Beatles and the Stones. She rocked to the beat and felt the requisite teenage angst, but there was something missing in this music. But what? A feeling, a depth of passion not found in her cultural roots. She turned the radio dial compulsively, until, finally, a station emerged where music sounded that was different from anything she had heard before. A density of percussion, a complex African Caribbean beat, and a voice singing plaintively, expressing that deep, uncontrollable passion she longed for. She could not understand the lyrics, for they were in a foreign language. But as she listened to one song after another, one word was sung over and over, a word that seemed to define all the longings of the singers, and of the girl herself...one simple word --

Mi Corazon, mi Corazon, I yearn to know all the deepest feelings of my heart.
When you are near I am ecstatic, when you leave me I am virtually dead.
Mi Corazon, let me feel the happiness that I seek

In school she chose to learn French instead of Spanish because her parents and her teachers explained that French was the language of the intellect -- of literature, philosophy, and science. What Spanish books were worthy of study? They said the only good Spanish book was Don Quixote! So she studied her French, going on to the university where she immersed herself in the cool philosophies of Sartre and Camus, doubting the very meaning of life -- even the sensuality of Proust seemed ascetic and overly controlled compared to the emotions that had captured her so long ago in that music she had heard on the radio. And, although the girl was trapped within the gringo world of objective positivism, of cold Western logic, she could never forget the intense passionate yearnings that still lived inside of her. Was she insatiable? Was she seeking to chase windmills?

(repeat CHORUS)

Never living fully, never feeling fully, a life only half-felt,
A persistent misery, what a sad story

But now it is years later and the world has changed, become smaller, perhaps a little bit more universal......and those sounds that long ago were confined to a small band on the radio no longer seem like the obscure croonings of a people confined to a narrow strip of geography and culture. Now we are familiar with the brilliant writings of such authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the poems of Lorca, the movies of Almovadar, and hey, didn’t we all fall in love with Xavier Bardem in “No Country for Old Men”? And Ry Cooder found those Cuban musicians whose songs became big hits! And who among us doesn’t own at least one Che Guevara tee shirt? Spanish is hip! And so is modern technology, bringing us closer together, from Tianemen Square to downtown Buenos Aires! So here I sit with my laptop, communicating to you, my cherished friends, because, yes, as you may have guessed, I am that crazy passionate girl! And as I type into my best friend the Google translator, it hears my deepest loves and harshest pains, transforming them into that language that so well expresses those thoughts and feelings I heard so long ago on the radio. My soul is finally complete, and I can finally sing that special word, that expresses the essence of my emotional being, in the language in which it was meant to be sung…

(repeat CHORUS)

(last line) I have finally found the love that I seek!

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