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October 4, 2012 9:40 AM

Carbituaries is a table-top book in pre-production at EGM. I've been asked to compile great stories from all kinds of people (not just writers). I'm looking for stories about your long lost car, why it meant so much to you, and how it met its death.

After my introduction to Metafilter ("For Grigori I Sold Goat—A Christmas Mystery") I immediately thought you guys were the go to people for this kind of thing.

We're looking for any kind of story. Did you drive it till it broke down? Did you lose your virginity in this car then wrap around a pole? Did it rust out from under you? Did you abandon it in a WalMart parking lot in Kansas on your way to L.A. to become the next big thing? Did you shoot it?

500 words or so. Anecdotal. Pictures are STRONGLY encouraged.

If we use your story, we'll pay you $50 or give you a free copy of the book.

Email your entry to: carbituaries@everythinggoesmedia.com

I thank you and my goat thanks you.


payscale: $50 or free book.
job type: contract
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