Native speaker needed to proofread 361+20 words of Spanish
February 13, 2018 8:44 PM

I wrote a couple of little books for my baby and they're Spanish/English bilingual. Spanish is technically one of my first languages, but I haven't studied it formally and I don't read much in Spanish, I need someone to check my work. One book is 20 words in Spanish (10 of them numbers). The other is 361 words of Spanish. I would send you PDF and you email me list of corrections. This doesn't require and editor or translator, anyone who say, completed high school in Spanish (and still remembers what they learned, more or less) should be able to do this. Basically a native speaker who is more of a native speaker than I am. I would guess this might take 20 minutes. I would want this ASAP as I need to send the books off to be printed in time to have them delivered while I'm traveling in the US (international shipping is super-expensive).

payscale: $25
job type: contract
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