E-Commerce Guru Needed
July 26, 2011 10:59 AM

We are looking for an e-commerce expert coder/programmer/developer/whatever you call yourself. Not just any expert, but an expert in our particular shopping cart (CRE Loaded). Bonus points awarded in considering your qualifications if:

1. You demonstrate proficiency in 1) tightly integrating CRE Loaded functionality/data into WordPress (what we run the rest of our site on); 2) customizing CRE Loaded modules and functions; 3) You have at least 5 examples of your CRE-based ecommerce work that are up and running somewhere. (I'm flexible on #3, but don't bother inquiring if your only experience is that you did your great-aunt's site in 2005 to sell her quilts on ebay); and, 4) Your references tell me that you are responsive in communications and timely in getting stuff done.

We have a current site that needs both fixing and tweaking short-term, but we are also looking for the right person to establish a longer-term working relationship as we develop our site and it's functionality.

What we are NOT looking for: Designers. That we have and she's a great one. We will come to you with wireframes, mockups, and other specific functionality and design concepts that we will rely upon you to code, test and launch.

Why we're looking: We have had a bad experience with lack of follow-through, responsiveness, and careless oops-I-didn't-think-about-that-before-I-changed-the-site from our current developer. We do not skip around from vendor to vendor as we like to develop working relationships, so this is a difficult move for us, but it needs to be done.

About us: We're a family-owned retail business featuring culinary products. We've enjoyed much success with our brick-and-mortar retail store, but our web efforts have not been so good. If you want to see what you're going to be working with, take a look at the domain of my email address. Please feel free to email me with any questions about the scope of the work or anything else that I've not covered here that's important for you to know.

We don't care where you're located. Electrons go pretty much everywhere these days.

payscale: Hourly and/or By the Project as Agreed
job type: contract
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