Wordpressery -- That's Where I'm A Viking
June 1, 2011 5:59 PM

I am kinda shit-hot at making all manner of things with the Mighty Power of Wordpress -- check out my latest project here if you don't believe me, then cruise over to wonderchicken.com and see some of my other stuff (and follow the 'secret identity' link to see more). I'm totally telling you the truth here, folks.

Now, I do most of my Wordpressing for friends, for fun, and because I just like making stuff, but making money with my hard-won skills would be a swell thing, too, so: if you need a site, all the way from a simple business card site to a full-fledged all-singing all-dancing membership-based social network thingo and any stop in between, and are considering using Wordpress, hell, I'm your man.

Well, probably. I'm crazy busy already. But mamma needs a new pair of shoes.

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