Web and Email Producer learning Front-End Development
February 18, 2016 4:54 PM

Hi, folks.

I have a unique background. I was the community and social media person at a Fintech startup for a year, and have worked as a Web and Email producer in digital publishing as a Web Producer for the past two years. My most recent role focused on building HTML emails for clinician-focused medical publications, along with basic CMS operations and building web content. Now I'm looking for more interesting work, either in Web and Email Production, or transitioning to Front End development. I've been doing stuff on the web for over half my life---I built my first website on Geocities when I was 13. I also have experience doing copyediting, Q/A, and analytics.

My résumé can be found here.

I'm currently located in Briarwood, Queens, and would like to stay in the city to work. Flexible on the borough, but Manhattan is preferred for ease of commute. Remote is totally cool, too!

My personal website can be found at sanspoint.com, and I have a (former) podcast at crushonradio.com. I have samples of my email work that I can provide on request.

I am also teaching myself front-end development. I have the start of a browser-based Goal Tracking app that uses jQuery, and Local Storage on my GitHub, and am actively working on it, nights and weekends. I have the skills, I just need the chance to put them into practice.

Thank you for your help!

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