User Experience Designer
November 28, 2010 3:11 PM

I make websites better through science.

If you're planning a website re-design, a brand new site, or want to analyze your existing traffic for future improvements, small or large, I have the knowledge and skills to help. I have a long background and deep passion for improving usability on multiple platforms: web, mobile, kiosk, etc.

In addition to formal and informal usability testing, I excel at making flowcharts and wireframes (like blueprints or prototypes of web pages) which are collaborated on with the visual designers and developers.

I focus on accessibility and practical Web Standards to help devise a product available to the widest possible audience. I'm comfortable in a Windows or Mac environment. I have a strong attention to detail with diagram tools and I'm enthusiastic about organization and efficiency.

I also have a current Google Analytics Individual Qualification, and if you want, I can help train you or your team to correctly interpret the data and more importantly, ask the right questions of your visitors and yourselves.

My portfolio and résumé are online at

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