A bit of PHP -- email form
May 11, 2007 11:16 AM

I'm reposting this job as parameters have changed slightly. Here's what I need:

I need a page with a generic form on it that allows people to write an email and click send and those contents are emailed to a fixed address.

The page must also have a checkbox that says "CC [fixed address]" and when that box is checked, a copy of the letter is sent to a second (fixed) address.

Must be done by Monday, May 14. $100 by Paypal.

Note that I'm just guessing on the price. If you think it's too low, pls let me know.

Questions? Bring 'em on!

payscale: See post.
job type: contract
posted by dobbs to Web/HTML/Info Design

This job has been filled.

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