A bit of basic web coding--probably PHP and DHTML
May 9, 2007 9:32 PM

I need a page that is a form where people can write an email and click send and it's sent to a specified address. Simple enough. However, I also need:

- to have a checkbox that says "CC blahblah" and when that box is checked, it also CCs the letter to blah blah and when the box is NOT checked, it doesn't CC blah blah but it does send an email to blah blah to tell them that a letter was sent so that they can keep track of how effective the campaign is.

Further, I need a "Sample" letter to toggle when the person clicks "View/Hide Sample Letter".

That's it. us$100 flat sent via Paypal. (I'm just guessing that this is probably 20 - 60 minutes work for someone who knows what they're doing but if I'm wrong and way off on the pay, pls let me know.)

Must work within Expression Engine (which allows all PHP to be run) and on a Dreamhost server. Must be done by Monday, May 14.

Whenever I've posted jobs like this before, I've gotten great response. If you want to do the job, pls let me know why I should pick you as 20 "I'll do it!" letters all look the same.

Questions? Bring 'em on!

payscale: $100 flat.
job type: contract
posted by dobbs to Web/HTML/Info Design

This job has been filled.

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