Audio recording
December 14, 2011 8:13 PM

A client needs to have themselves recorded for a voice-over on a short slide show. Less than five minutes recorded audio--my client is well-spoken attorney and I imagine this might take an hour or two between setup, recording, and file prep. They would prefer you come to them, but if your studio is in NB that might be OK.

End product needs to be MP3s sent to me or dropped on dropbox. Audio doesn't have to be studio-quality; it does need to not sound like it was shouted down a speakerphone.

I'll pay your hourly rate (assuming you're not $300 per), though I would prefer to just agree to a price up-front. I'm thinking something like $250 total (2.5 hours @ $100) but feel free to tell me I'm way off base.

Completely open to discussion on this vis a vis money and expectations, job needs to be completed soonish, before early January certainly.

payscale: Your hourly, going rate
job type: contract
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