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USGS Water Data Science, Machine Learning, and Product Management Cluster Hire

The U.S. Geological Survey Water Mission Area is hiring multiple Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists, and Water Information Product Managers. Apply online at USA Jobs, where the positions will open and applications will be accepted March... [more inside]


Website Developer / Programmer - Side Job / Crowdfunded

I have a simple but potentially powerful idea for a Canadian political / social activism website. You would be the main (only) web dev person. I think the site and the concept behind it could become quite high visibility and popular. I will cover... [more inside]

November, 2020

Q/A Automation & Web Application Engineering Help Wanted [Remote]

We're a new entry in the crowdfunding space focused on competitive/gamified but friendly fundraising. We have our minimum viable product, and we've helped some large and small non-profits raise about half a million dollars. But we're limited by what... [more inside]

July, 2020

reddit/4chan clone with easy ad server

Looking for someone to help me homebrew together a reddit/4chan clone with a small ad server. I got server space and a domain and have some sense of the open source software that needs to be installed and tinkered with. I'm sick of corporations and... [more inside]

June, 2020

Redesign My Website

I have a small business that has now outgrown its Wordpress e-commerce site (Frankensteined together by me, a non-techie). The site includes a blog and a remotely hosted podcast, and has become a bit of a monster to administer. I am looking for a... [more inside]

January, 2020

Someone to design and implement a simple, attractive static web page

Forgive me for the following display of ignorance. I'm looking for someone to develop a simple and attractive static website. I'm agnostic about the development framework. The functionality needed would be a simple landing page that functions as... [more inside]

February, 2019

New project from XOXO organizers seeking senior level engineer and project manager

The creators of XOXO, an experimental festival for independent artists and creators working on the internet, are working on a new platform to help artists and creators share their work, form... [more inside]

June, 2018

Senior Web Developer - Natural History Museum

Join a fab team doing fascinating work in one of the world's great museums. From the job description: "In order to deliver our strategy we are looking for a... [more inside]

May, 2018

Lead QA Engineer @ New York Public Radio

Do you like podcasts, public media, and award-winning reporting? Do you know Robot Framework well? Do you have experience managing others? Why not apply to be New York Public Radio's new [more inside]

Interactive Developer

Vidcode is an education technology company working to bring creative coding to schools around the world. We're looking for a full stack developer to join us full time. Feel free to memail me with any questions! The job posting is [more inside]

April, 2018

Sr. Security Engineer

I am looking for a security engineer to come work on me on the Security Engineering team in Austin. There's me the manager, and three other people. We're part of a larger security team of about 18 people. The position is at Home Away. I'm... [more inside]

February, 2017

Fellowship to Build Tech That Fights Poverty

Blue Ridge Labs at Robin Hood is a non-profit Brooklyn-based social impact incubator created to encourage entrepreneurs, designers, and developers to build products for... [more inside]

July, 2016

Full-time cloud systems development engineer sought

Hi! One of my colleagues is moving away, which means I'm on the lookout for a new coworker. Please consider being my next coworker...especially if you write good wiki docs. This job is as a System Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services in... [more inside]

March, 2016

Mobile game/education app developer co-founder sought.

Are you someone who is passionate about gaming, education and startups? Are you interested in being part of the founding team? If you answered ‘yes’ then we would like to talk with you about our vision and what we’re building for the next generation... [more inside]

February, 2016

Fellowship to Build Tech that Fights Poverty

Think the world doesn’t need another selfie app? We agree. Our intensive summer Fellowship is designed to help top talent attack big problems in new ways. By taking a... [more inside]

Devops Engineer at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab

TL;DR: Run infrastructure for an academic research lab where reading Metafilter counts as great preparation for the job. -- Who we are LIL is a small startup shop embedded in the world's largest academic law library. We build... [more inside]

May, 2014

Hacker In Residence (Full Stack Engineer)

Hacker In Residence We don't need better selfies. We need technology to make the world a better place. We at Significance Labs believe that technology can help to solve real problems for low income Americans and we... [more inside]

March, 2014

IT Systems Administrator

We are looking for a talented Systems Administrator to join our growing team. Great startup company with a global footprint developing, building and installing Wind Turbines. Like many small companies, the job has a considerable amount of... [more inside]

January, 2014

Contract Web Developer

We're looking for an experienced contract web developer (PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3) to help us out on a project or two at in Austin / San Antonio. We work on enterprise video - mostly for broadcast news, but also for national agencies,... [more inside]

December, 2013

Web Developer

DNC Holdings is looking for a talented and driven web developer who is skilled in all aspects of the stack. You should also have a basic understanding of the domain name and web hosting industry. If you nerd out over domain names that's a big plus!... [more inside]

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