Usability and Devops cluster hire
April 22, 2022 5:15 AM

The U.S. Geological Survey Water Mission Area is hiring multiple Term Information Technology (IT) Specialist positions in Usability Research and Development-Operations (DevOps) for enterprise data delivery systems.
Apply online at USAJOBS, where the positions will open and applications will be accepted starting on April 25, 2022. The Usability Specialist vacancy is limited to the first 50 applications received and the DevOps vacancies are limited to the first 100 applications received. Each vacancy will close at midnight Eastern Time on the day the application limit is reached regardless of the closing date specified in this vacancy announcement.
For all positions, an unofficial transcript and detailed resume summarizing job qualifications and relevant skills is needed.
For additional information, please see the blog post about this cluster hire, follow the USGS Water Resources Twitter feed or attend the informational session on Monday April 25, 2022, at 12pm Central. Click here to join.
USAJOBS Direct job posting links:

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Transparency
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New hire positions
These new term IT Specialist positions are opening in the USGS Water Web Communications Branch (hiring manager Emily Read; These positions will work on a cross-functional team that includes water scientists, software engineers, and design experts. Learn more about how we work here. The team makes high quality water information discoverable, accessible, and usable for everyone through web applications and APIs. Our team is committed to government tech innovation, working in the open, user-centered design, and agile methodologies. The location of the duty station for the employees is negotiable upon selection of a candidate and is remote-work friendly. The Term positions are renewable annually for up to 4 years. These jobs will be advertised under the IT Specialist job series. Learn more about the duties below.
Information Technology Specialist (Internet) - Usability Specialist
We have one (1) vacancy for an IT Specialist - Usability Specialist in this cluster hire. The role of usability research and user-centered design is core to the development of software and tools within the Web Communications Branch. Check out the findings from prior usability research in the branch here, especially under the "How do we organize our users?" header.
The Usability Specialist will plan and conduct user research on web-based products, through interviews; evaluate usability and create user needs assessments; interpret results; and communicate research findings and recommendations. The Usability Specialist will collaborate with multiple teams within and outside of the branch to achieve the goal of providing the Nation with discoverable, accessible, and usable water information for everyone. The duties of a Usability Specialist within the Web Communications Branch will include:

  • Proposing goals and objectives, implementing the strategic vision of the branch, contributing to the development of policies and strategies, and managing usability activities.

  • Determining data collection method(s), developing data collection tools (questionnaires, interview questions, etc.), analyzing the data, preparing results, and making recommendations based on this data.

  • Assisting in developing and overseeing the development of user interface designs, prototypes, and specifications across multiple platforms while working with appropriate content, technical, and marketing staff.

  • Leading the development of the testing schedule, test scenarios and other relevant test tools, recruitment of test participants, and coordination of overall testing at conferences, other conferences/meetings, and local testing.

  • Developing and publishing usability guidelines for reference throughout the product development process.

Information Technology Specialist (System Administration) - DevOps
We have two (2) vacancies for IT Specialists -- DevOps in this cluster hire. The Web Communications Branch makes real-time and historical water information available through data processing pipelines, web interfaces and APIs to best meet user needs, we are working towards a continuous deployment model. To make a continuous deployment possible system administration within the Web Communication branch takes a development-operations (DevOps) approach, which includes infrastructure as code, automation of tests, static code analysis, and continuous integration. Cloud computing and cloud-native approaches to building and operating applications, such as serverless, containerization, and hosted databases. DevOps specialists within the Web Communications Branch plan, implement, and/or coordinate DevOps methods to accomplish information technology (IT) system provisioning, testing, troubleshooting, monitoring, and backup. The use of version control and experience in Agile IT software project management practices are important for the job. The DevOps Specialists will collaborate with multiple teams within and outside of the branch to achieve the goal of providing the Nation with discoverable, accessible, and usable water information for everyone. You can learn more about the tech stack that the WDFN team currently uses on this recent blog post. The duties of a DevOps Specialist the Integrated Information Dissemination Division will include:

  • Reprioritizing and allocating resources as they become available and recommending additional components to improve overall system performance.

  • Working closely with software developers and application support teams to continuously improve deployment, testing, and monitoring approaches.

  • Developing standard operating procedures for a variety of IT hardware and infrastructure tasks or activities.

  • Planning and coordinating product and equipment installation and lifecycle upgrades, overseeing and resolving technical and administrative problems, controlling current versions and future releases of hardware and applications software, and documenting the physical configuration of the systems.

  • Consulting with customers to identify priorities and best approaches for integrating systems administration requirements into daily operations.

  • Ensuring guidance and work products comply with Department and the organization\'s IT security requirements

The location of the duty station for the employees is negotiable upon selection of a candidate

payscale: $54,000 - $126,000
job type: full-time
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