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August, 2015

Dog sit & apartment sit in Pasadena, 8/29 - 9/7

We're looking for someone to dog sit our 30-lb wirehair terrier mix and stay with her at our apartment during the week of 8/29 - 9/7. Normally my parents would watch her, but something came up and we're in a pinch. THE PERKS: You'd say in a 2br,... [more inside]

July, 2015

Looking for someone to teach me to drive a stick shift (NYC)

I am looking for someone who can teach me how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. I'm hoping for at least 4 or 5 evening/weekend sessions, or at least until I feel comfortable enough to practice on my own. I am not new to driving, but am new... [more inside]

Driver needed

Driver needed from Pomona to the VA hospital in Long Beach. Cancer patient needs a driver to chemo and appointments, but local chemo ride share tells us it's too far for them. I can pay gas and a consideration for your time, but the compensation... [more inside]

June, 2015

Summer Odd Jobs Garden & House: suitable for MeFI students, Mefit offspring, MeFi couple, couple, mates travelling, language improvement

we need a series of small stuctural jobs done in Garden (paving laid, Rotten decking boards replaced (about 10), digging small areas to lay weed surpressant membrane, Setting up a wire trainer for climbing plants, etc., We pay for the materials and... [more inside]

May, 2015

Shadow for disabled person at summer camp

Paul is a 31 year old intellectually handicapped little man. He functions at a 7-8 year old level with an amazing memory and a sense of humour. He's been going to camp bnai brith for 13 years. Paul loves camp over... [more inside]

April, 2015

Demographic research

I would like to find someone who can appropriately choose a representative set of zip codes from a larger set. How could I get someone to choose, in an intellectually defensible way, a list of 30 to 50 zip codes that essentially represent my entire... [more inside]

March, 2015

Tutor/answer basic electronics questions by phone

I would like to be able to call you up and ask things like: Can I use this power supply with slightly different amp output than a previous power supply? Where can I buy a 3/64" outer diameter plug? Do I really need a charge controller between... [more inside]

February, 2015

Need prints obtained from Berlin museum, shipped to U.S.

I am seeking to get copies of artwork produced by an artist in Berlin shipped to me in the U.S. I need someone who will obtain copies of this artwork from a museum, pack the artwork in sturdy, weatherproof shipping tubes and send them to me in the... [more inside]

I need a souvenir from Lima, Peru

Specifically, I need a certain stuffed guinea pig from a certain giftshop in Miraflores, then shipped to the US. I will, of course, cover all expenses and pay you for your time. (I've suggested $40 below but am open to discussion.) I'll send details... [more inside]

December, 2014

Pick up an item in Harpers Ferry, package it, and ship it to Toronto

I'm a record collector and someone in zip code 25425 has a small batch of records that I would like to buy. They don't want to ship them. There are about a dozen LPs (one box set and one additional record). I'm looking to hire someone --... [more inside]

November, 2014

Purchase a book in South Korea and ship it to me in the US

A friend wrote a book. The book has been translated into Korean, and I want to get him a copy. Please help! I have found some references to the book on Korean websites, but not one that appears I can purchase from. However, I am relying on... [more inside]

October, 2014

Design and creation of one custom cross-stitch sampler

Looking for someone to design and create a cross-stitch sampler based on the Horse_ebooks "Everything happens so much" tweet. I am hugely flexible on most every aspect, but do expect plenty of e-mail interaction during the design... [more inside]

July, 2014

Need landline telephone access

Looking for use of a landline telephone in a quiet setting for nine hours in late August. I wouldn't be making any long-distance calls. It would essentially be one long incoming call.... [more inside]

Unpaid Internship - Labourer in Meatbomb's Hippie Utopia

This is primarily farm labour and would be a suitable posting for a directionless youngster wondering how to spend the summer. A Mefite ready to give his or her life for the glory of the Worker's Revolution might also be a good fit. Compensation... [more inside]

March, 2014

Haircut and Color Models Wanted

Looking for a model for a student portfolio photo shoot in Santa Monica, California Must be open to a classic Sassoon cut and color (such as a bob or long layers, nothing asymmetric or crazy. Color will be determined after a consultation)... [more inside]

February, 2014

Buy a very good (and or interesting) bottle of vodka and deliver it.

I have friends arriving in Krakow for a weekend in June (See here) I would like you to buy a bottle of fancy/interesting vodka, attach a label and deliver it to a... [more inside]

July, 2013

Part Time Case Worker

I'm looking for a part-time case worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, to work with my former foster son on an as-needed basis around issues like housing and benefits. Up to ten hours per month. Hourly wage depending on experience and starting at $15/hour... [more inside]

June, 2013

Ameri-friend: Forward package from US address to Toronto

Many American eBay sellers refuse to ship internationally. For this reason I need someone in the United States to receive and reship items related to my business (Cable modems, home networking gear, electronic components). Ideally, to minimize... [more inside]

April, 2013

Driver/chaperone from hospital

I am participating in a study at UW. I will be getting an upper endoscopy, and will be sedated. I will not be able to participate without having a driver. I need to be at the hospital by 8:30 am on May 22nd, and they say I will be there for 2-3... [more inside]

In Japan? Help me get a gift to Tokyo

I have a British friend working in Tokyo who is desperately missing Ribena. Her birthday is coming up (April 24) and I would love to surprise her with some. Please get in touch if you live in Japan... [more inside]

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