Shadow for disabled person at summer camp
May 31, 2015 11:27 AM

Paul is a 31 year old intellectually handicapped little man. He functions at a 7-8 year old level with an amazing memory and a sense of humour.

He's been going to camp bnai brith for 13 years. Paul loves camp over anything else. His days are scheduled with kitchen duties, swimming and camp activities. He and the shadow live in their own cabin.

He's quite independent and needs overseeing but not handholding. Paul occasionally goes out at nights with the staff to local restaurants and visits country houses. He needs help with hygiene.

There are two sessions:
June 25- July 20
And July 22-August 15
Salary is $2225 per session

You arrange time off during the day with other staff.

payscale: 2225/session
job type: contract
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