Ameri-friend: Forward package from US address to Toronto
June 26, 2013 11:30 PM

Many American eBay sellers refuse to ship internationally. For this reason I need someone in the United States to receive and reship items related to my business (Cable modems, home networking gear, electronic components). Ideally, to minimize shipping costs, you'll be located near Toronto. Someplace in Western New York, Michigan, or whatever. And yes, I'm aware of mailbox services. I don't drive, so it isn't practical for my needs.

Best if items are briefly inspected on arrival to make sure the description matches the item that arrived. To this end, the ideal Ameri-friend would have a little enthusiasm for electronics and computer gear, so that checking out the items can be easy and maybe even fun sometimes.

Generally I'd have about 6 eBay items sent to you--sometimes a stick of ram, sometimes two bankers boxes of modems--and I'd get you to ship them all up together. This might happen once every three months or so.

I'm thinking $50 per shipment.

payscale: $50 occasional
job type: part-time
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