Pick up an item in Harpers Ferry, package it, and ship it to Toronto
December 18, 2014 1:49 PM

I'm a record collector and someone in zip code 25425 has a small batch of records that I would like to buy. They don't want to ship them. There are about a dozen LPs (one box set and one additional record).

I'm looking to hire someone -- preferably someone who is a vinyl nerd and able to properly access the condition of the records -- to go to the seller, inspect the records, pay for them (the amount is pre-decided and I will paypal it to you), and then properly box up the records and ship them to me in Toronto.

I'll cover the cost of the records, the shipping materials, the shipping. We can discuss your compensation but I was thinking it would be $50 or so, depending on the time involved.

Someone experienced grading and shipping vinyl is preferred.

payscale: Flat rate to be determined
job type: contract
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