Unpaid Internship - Labourer in Meatbomb's Hippie Utopia
July 16, 2014 6:11 AM

This is primarily farm labour and would be a suitable posting for a directionless youngster wondering how to spend the summer. A Mefite ready to give his or her life for the glory of the Worker's Revolution might also be a good fit.

Compensation is room and board - there is no stipend or end of term bonus, nothing like that. Let's be clear here, you never get any money from us - just life experience, improved karma, and a growing class consciousness. And an excellent reference/lifelong friendship if things work out.

If things really work out, this could lead to an ongoing and semi-permanent arrangement.

You have to be ready to do real physical work, this is a farm and we are not kidding around here. If you have other / advanced skills we would be ready to put them to use to our mutual agreement, but the labour part is always primary. About 20 hours weekly from you keeps you roomed and fed. Free Internet. Your private bedroom is a pretty room with the best view in the house.

Lifestyle: no tobacco allowed in any buildings, 420 friendly, alcohol in moderation only. There are children and animals here - you have to be authentically and enthusiastically OK with that! The kitchen is non halal and non kosher, and you will be at least indirectly in contact with pigs. Only the most unfussy and self-organising vegetarian would be comfortable with the menu.

Location: Weymouth North, Nova Scotia. I am not set up to do any sort of visa support, but so long as you can figure out how to get to Canada any and all nationalities are welcome to apply.

To apply: initial contact via email or Mefi Mail please, include a couple of paragraphs about a) who you are and b) why this position interests you. Include name, contact details, and time available to talk.

Rock on brothers and sisters, see you on the barricades!

payscale: 0
job type: internship
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