Contract: Print ads and marketing materials design
March 21, 2011 8:07 PM

I am a one-man startup whose webapp is rapidly approaching launch. My target market is a bunch of stodgy professionals. I need someone (you!) to design 3-5 print ads and some marketing materials that will blast my product into those skeptical brains.

This would be a finite contract with the potential for more work in future. (And yes, this contract will be paid with real money and not promises about future riches.)

I don't care where you live as long as you're responsive to e-mail, religious about deadlines, and forthcoming with a portfolio. You'll have to sign an NDA before you can bid.

Please e-mail me with your CV, portfolio, and a short note that highlights your wittiness.

payscale: TBN
job type: contract
posted by hayvac to Art/Media/Design

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