HTML / CSS One off
March 1, 2010 8:44 PM

I need a very simple HTML / CSS job done. I estimate it's three hours work, tops, though I'm betting it could be cobbled together from yr existing code in 1, assuming you've got some experience.

Estimating 3 hours at $50 an hour, the job pays a FLAT us$150 via Paypal and consists of delivering html and css for a design which I'll provide which consists of:

- Header graphic (logo) with a search box
- horizontal nav bar (tab-like) with 4 items
- few columns for body copy
- footer

Email me if interested, and I'll send you a graphic, to scale/size, that you can refer to to see if I'm right about how little work is involved and to discuss my proposed fee.

Again, you're not doing any graphic/design stuff--it's already done. You'll just use the file to refer to for sizes of logo and such.

Site MUST be cross-browser compatible/standards-compliant and must be complete by Wed midnight. It'll be verified with Adobe Browserlabs.

I'd do it myself but am presently afflicted with a neurological malady that is destroying my ability to concentrate for more than about 2 minutes at a time and I just want this done.

EMAIL ADDRESS is in my profile. Please do not memail me. Thank you. With your email, please send a few links to stuff you've done.

payscale: $150 or discuss
job type: contract
posted by dobbs to Web/HTML/Info Design

This job has been filled.

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