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December 6, 2009 10:13 AM

I'm not versed in the proper terminology when it comes to creating an interactive website, so I don't know if "designer" or "developer" is the correct term. I'm posting for a friend - he is currently soliciting bids for an interactive web page he wants to set up in the very near future. His Google-fu is lacking and thus far his pool of candidates seems to be limited to (IMHO) companies with flashy ads. I'm thinking that there are MeFites out there who have the skills he's looking for and would work more one-on-one with him. Here is a brief description of what he's looking for:

This is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a website design with interactive content, e-commerce, and web hosting setup. Website design is to have two (2) pieces of custom artwork to be produced from a written narrative describing each piece. Additional information to be provided and questions resolved during the development phase. The site will be based on a 5-day week. The week will begin on Monday with an opinion bullet and an opinion piece to expand on the bullet. An interactive poll and quiz will follow on Tuesday continuing Monday’s theme. A roundtable discussion will carry the theme on Wednesday. Thursday will be a review of the past week’s news, some of which will touch on the established theme. Friday will post the final poll and quiz results with comments and analysis.

The full RFP give more detailed information. I would like any Mefites with experience and ability in this area to please email me with either a resume or pertinent information on your background/skills, along with links to sites you've worked on/developed in the past. Replies requested ASAP. This is a telecommuting position. I will forward the resumes to my friend and then he will send the RFP to selected candidates.

payscale: Competitive bid
job type: contract
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