Developer to install Paypal Pro-enabled form on web site
November 10, 2009 6:46 AM

I'm building a site for a client and am able to do everything no problem but have never built anything that takes Paypal before. The client already has Paypal Pro but I find it a bit confusing.

Site is hosted on Dreamhost if that matters.

Client would prefer that visitor never leaves their site (ie, is never taken to Paypal's site), which apparently is a feature of Paypal Pro.

Form is basic (name, address, etc) and purchasing options are simple: it's for a fundraising dinner so the customer can purchase one or more plates or a table (equivelant to 10 plates). That's it!

Project needs fast turnaround. Send me a quote for what you'd charge and how fast you could get it done. Examples of where you've done this before would also be appreciated.

Please apply to me at ysstog at not memail me about the job as I rarely check that.

I can pay you via Paypal or you are in Toronto and prefer cash we can do that too.

payscale: You tell me
job type: contract
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