Drupal skills sought...
June 24, 2009 5:54 AM

I'm looking for someone competent with drupal to make some cosmetic (not functional) mods to a website. It is an old web site which I recently had converted to drupal. The developer is a friend. He stays covered up. For a variety of reasons, he is unwilling to work for me for pay, but at the same time, has bigger clients that demand all of his available time. Rather than pester him to death, I thought I'd investigate finding someone to complete what he started.

He migrated my klunky HTML mess to drupal, with an integral blog. The site works just fine, but requires cosmetic mods. I have two .pdf documents which I will provide that show the desired end product and a stock photo that these are based upon. Email if interested and I will send links to them, from which you can estimate a fixed price quote for the project.

Examples of current work helpful. Desired schedule is within 30 days. Payment via check or paypal, your choice, on completion and delivery of modified site code.

payscale: fixed price per your proposal.
job type: contract
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