HTML / CSS for simple web site
June 1, 2009 12:39 PM

Web site's already designed, I just need someone to code it up. It's one page with a nav bar (all pages will be the same layout). It needs to be standards-compliant.

It is, I believe, a very simple layout:

Top row is logo
Under that is 4-item nav bar
Under that is two column layout for text

That's it. I can't imagine it would take anyone proficient with CSS/HTML more than 90 minutes to pull off (you could probably adapt a site you've already coded).

I'm thinking $50 paypal'd to you when it's done but if you think that's ridiculous, send me a quote after you see the layout and we'll go from there.

If you have links to work you've completed, please send them along with your initial email.

Please DO NOT MeMail about the job. Instead, send an email to ysstog at gmail.


payscale: See post.
job type: contract
posted by You Should See the Other Guy to Web/HTML/Info Design

This job has been filled.

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