(Re)design a community site by yesterday
March 20, 2009 2:49 PM

Needed: PHP/CSS/JavaScript/MySQL tinkerer to turn some off-the-shelf WordPress applications into a unified thing of beauty. Immediately.

We're launching a web site for people to discuss and analyze some legal documents that have been in the news. No, not the AIG bonuses, but something that dense and that ought to be of the same public interest. There are a few people who understand how things fit together, and we want to turn them into a real community. The new site will bring them all together in one place on the web, have them share knowledge, mark up the legal documents with close commentary, and make it all explicable to the general public.

We're building the site around WordPress plugins. CommentPress lets users have threaded discussions about individual paragraphs within a post. bbPress supplies us with discussion forums. We'll also have some blogs and static pages. We'd like a wiki. And, oh yeah, the site needs to launch within a couple of weeks.

Right now, things are functional . . . but they also feel functional, rather than welcoming. There are unwanted scrollbars and ungainly, misshapen text-entry fields. The CommentPress and bbPress sections look nothing like each other. The different login interfaces aren't all integrated. You get the picture. There are a bunch of little things that are getting in the way of usability, and the site has zero personality. We've got a graphic designer working on a logo and basic branding, but we also need someone to do the web monkeying.

Could that someone be you? It might well be if you . . .

  • . . .can start now. Not next week now. Now now.

  • . . . care about access to information, openness, and fixing copyright law.

  • . . . wouldn't even think about using Flash.

If interested, get in touch and I'll point you at the rough prototype.

payscale: negotiable
job type: contract
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