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February 6, 2009 3:17 PM

I've decided I no longer want my blog to be my landing page on my site. I love wordpress, used it for years, but two things concern me about it: 1) the endless WP updgrade syndrome, & 2) it's a magazine theme, which I like, but it's overwhelming for a front page. See

Here's the nutshell: I provide 2 main services, plus a blog. More on the blog in a sec. The 2 main services are:

1) I design green, modern kitchens starting with IKEA base components, finishing with sustainable materials like bamboo & recycled glass tile. There are more sub-duties this breaks down into, but that's the gist of it. Most of the content is already there on pages within the blog.

2) I provide a runner service for people in central and eastern NC to the closest IKEA store, so that those who can't or don't want to make the drive can still get their beloved IKEA goodies. There are sub-widgety things associated with this service that are database related.

So I want to create some simple, lots-of-white-space, easy to nav, clean pages for my 2 main services. I need multi browser compliant CSS, a clear landing page so people know very quickly which way to go, and help automating the organization and confirmation of run orders.

I also am thoroughly clueless how to move the blog from the main web address without losing anything. (Probably something simple, but I'm a mere hacker & it's not pretty.)

If you want to talk more about the project, I also have a powerpoint I've been cobbling together with concept ideas of what I *think* I want. I'm open to suggestions.

The site is hosted with Dreamhost, with whom I'm happy. Ideally I'd like to have it done by the end of February, definitely by mid March.

payscale: $1500 - $2000 ish
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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