Web developer to set up online payment/authorized downloads of film soundtrack album
December 28, 2008 11:01 AM

I am associate producer of How To Be, a feature film that will be released during 2009. I manage the website and will be arranging the release of the soundtrack. We would like to offer the album for sale on our own website. In order to do this, we need a contractor to set up: an online payment/shopping cart system to take payment; and an authorized, expiring download to allow people to get their MP3s.

We want a clean, consumer-friendly, DRM-free system like the one-off sites used by Radiohead for In Rainbows (without the name your price!), Brian Eno and David Byrne on their last album, and the Paper Bag records download site. We will not be offering single track downloads, so the only thing to distribute is a single zip containing the full album and artwork.

I (Michael Williams) would be your day-to-day manager on this project. As well as associate producing the film and running the record label, I speak Python, HTML, CSS and a very little MySQL, so you should find me a reasonably knowledgeable person to work with. However, this project is beyond my capabilities.

Bonus points for experienced users of Free, modern, elegant programming languages and web platforms (Python/Drupal, Ruby on Rails, etc.) Further bonus points for people in PST, Mountain, Central, EST, GMT, CET or EET.

To apply, please send email to mike@pentangle.net introducing yourself, describing the technologies you would use to complete the project and an estimated timescale (no more than 300 words) and a resume (PDF, HTML or web link. No Word documents, please).

payscale: Negotiable
job type: contract
posted by caek to Web/HTML/Info Design

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