Contract -- Site design for web application
November 26, 2008 7:58 AM

I am an individual (not a company) looking for a web designer to create final mock-ups of pages for a web application I'm trying to build. The back-end is already in development. You would be following my spec sheet (already written) to create graphics and workflow that I can provide to a web programmer to get the XHTML templates for the back-end to spit out. You would basically be designing the application UI and ancillary pages (such as the login page, etc.).

If you can do standards-compliant CSS/XHTML in addition to design, that's great! We can negotiate for the whole job.

I am looking for someone in the $20-50/hour range, but I'm willing to negotiate. Rate will be based on your experience, your portfolio, how much I think I'll like working with you, and how in sync we appear to be over design principles. I don't anticipate that the contract will be for more than 30 hours, but I'm open to explanations about why that's wrong.

More specifically, I want you to

-review my design documents and ideas and give me feedback on what you think works and what doesn't;

-based on these conversations, create PSD (or other graphic) files and workflow (descriptions of what does what) that I can give to my programmer; and

-select and deliver graphics for the site.

Ideally, the site will be extremely simple in design (lots of whitespace, few links on each page, etc.), but I understand how complicated it can be to create visual simplicity. Graphics will be minimal (logo and navigational icons only, probably).


-No minimum level of experience required, although don't bother applying if you can't show me SOMETHING that indicates the quality of your work.

-You must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and assignment of copyright.

-You must be very responsive to e-mail communications.

-You must be professional and have the energy and will to create a great design for me.


-Located in Toronto. I actually don't care where you live if you're responsive to e-mail and won't disappear once paid.

payscale: $25-50/hour (negotiable)
job type: contract
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