wordpress calendar plugin development
August 18, 2008 3:21 PM

My non-profit indy media center's webpage is in need of a good events calendar. I've tried out every calendar plugin I can find, but I haven't been happy with any of them and my php skills are negligible.

The main issue is making sure it's easy enough for all of our volunteers to add events and use it intuitively without much training.

Here's what I'm looking for specifically:

Ability for any user to add events quickly and easily via a link in the main WP dashboard navigation structure.

Ability to have recurring events (ie. a meeting every Monday/or movie night every 3rd Friday.)

A list of upcoming events in the sidebar with ajax-y popup box showing longer description.

Description that includes: Title, Date/time, location which auto links to google map, and larger free form description field.

A separate page for a full size calendar to display.

Ability to link any event to any post.

I will pay for this, but can't afford much; but if anyone out there is already interested in developing WP plug ins, I imagine other people would get a lot of use out of it too if it was released to the greater WP user community.

payscale: open to suggestions
job type: contract
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