Front End Web Developer
November 2, 2007 3:55 AM

So, you're religious about standards, speak fluently in the tongues of CSS and XHTML and have declared jihad against IE several times in your last few years of professional web development.

You're festidious about detail, have an eye for design, are a dab hand with Photoshop, care about usability, accessibility, semantics, information architecture and, importantly, making things that work well using best practices.

Moreover, you enjoy doing all of this stuff, and would like to do it on big boy web sites, for clients like Coca-Cola, Orange and eBay.

Also, you're not just gonna turn up, stare at your screen all day, then disappear at 5:30pm. You're personable, sociable, interesting, interested, fun, funny, keen and sane. Well, mostly sane.

Whack me your CV, portfolio URL or disk (a must, since we're obviously gonna wanna need to see some codeā€¦), and tell me about yourself, what got you this far, and where you wanna go next.

payscale: Ask us
job type: full-time
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