PERL script debugging help
October 25, 2007 1:56 AM

Need a PERLexpert to help me figure out why a canned script I use to FTP from one server to another has suddenly stopped being 100% reliable. My host upgraded my PERL version and that may be what has caused it to puke.

The script is running on a freeBSD web host on Apache.

I think the script is generally solid, it worked fine for years, and I haven't changed it. The original author is no longer supporting it, I don't think.

I can budget a couple of hours at $100/per for this. If it takes longer than that to fix, I will need to approach my client to pay for this, which would be a joy and make me look even more incompetent than I already do. I'm hoping for a bubblegum and bailing wire solution.

payscale: $100 hour / 2 hours max
job type: contract
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