VGMix 3.0 - Javascript / HTML / CSS Wizard
September 10, 2007 10:57 PM

"yerfatma" recently posted a perfectly-worded listing seeking someone with experience in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, with a strong opinion about their favorite JavaScript library and a love of browser consistency and attention to detail. I am looking for precisely the same type of person, but I'm paying.

We are a well loved, self-funded hobbyist site where members submit and critique arrangements of video game music. I've spent the past three years watching volunteer after volunteer get caught up in school, crushed with day jobs, or simply unmotivated. We're almost a year late on our projected re-launch date, and the natives are restless.

I'm willing to hire someone to help get the site launched this year to break the flake-out cycle. You'd be a hero to several thousand nerds. We're close, but we still need Javascript magic and an experienced hand on the markup (alongside the ongoing backend development).

We have a complete visual design / theme, so we just need help writing Django templates and spicing them up with Javascript interactivity. The site will allow for custom theming so if you'd like to design your own, zen-garden style, we'd welcome it and I'd do something nice for you!

Our team's culture is very friendly and informal - we've hacked various versions of the site together since 2001, and are close friends who hang out on IRC. We use Trac, SVN, and an email list for project management.

I am myself a freelance musician so I am a friendly negotiator. If this sounds appealing to you, drop me a line and we'll talk.

payscale: Open / Negotiable
job type: contract
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