Can you create a flash app for me?
June 2, 2007 10:53 PM

Hey there,

I've been working on an idea for a flash based app. I have a team of people who usually work on this stuff for me, but this project seems to be well over their heads. They've tried to create it using and ajax but have not had any luck getting it to work.

So here's the scoup:

I need to hire someone (or a team) to build this for me from scratch. This will be an ongoing project. we can negotiate a fee to release a basic version of the app, then build on it from there (paying you for each new step).

The app will be embeddable on any web page and will function very similarly to this one, which you can also see in action here on this page as well.

This app will not be a clone. Just wanted something to show you to give you a general idea. This is how I see it working: The app should have the ability to display text, links, play embedded or uploaded music/video, show pics etc. It can also be resized as a user wishes, then we generate code so they can embed elsewhere.

We can have users register to change and update their app as well as having casual users just input their stuff on the main page of the site, generate the code, and take off with it without registering to use it (but they wouldn't be able ot change or update it).

I would also like to see users login and change/update their app directly from any other of our apps on the web. Something like this (click the small blue box under the "smartlinks" section) You'll see the screen go dark, and a box pop up. We can use the same principal to log in. This way, the user can update their app from any other of our apps out there (including their own). They would never have to go to the actual site to change something.

That, in a nutshell, will be the basic version. I would also need a simple web site designed around it.

After that, we can add feedback / comments / rating mechanisms (seperate project), along with a few different "skins" or looks for the "app". But the basic version first.

I was quoted $899 USD by the original team to do this. Not sure how accurate that amount is because they've always given me decent prices on everything I've done with them.

Doesn't matter to me what country you work from. I would like to see references and examples of past work before I decide on hiring someone for the project.

You can learn more about me from:

I also run and/or contribute to these sites:

Notary gift

Working with me will be easy. I know exactly what I want from this project. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

payscale: $900-?
job type: contract
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