Hiring a part-time MeFi moderator
January 6, 2020 7:58 AM

MetaFilter is hiring a part-time moderator for our web-based, text-centric community. You'll work as a member of a small moderation team who collectively provide 24/7 discussion moderation and community management support to the thousands of folks in the active MetaFilter community.

A candidate should be:
- familiar with and interested in moderation or community management practices
- skilled at communicating clearly and promptly in written English to people with a variety of communication styles
- able to coordinate with your fellow moderators, and to do independent decision-making during scheduled shifts
- confident of your ability to respond diplomatically and empathetically in stressful or complicated social situations
- committed to the privacy of user information

Previous experience moderating online communities is preferred but not required; past participation in and familiarity with discussion-based communities and some of the challenges they can present is a must.

MetaFilter's moderators work with and support a diverse community of users around the world. Our community management ethos means trying to be generous with people as individuals, while at the same time not tolerating intolerance. We’re committed to more actively making space for marginalized perspectives—see our recently-updated Community Guidelines document—and you should be aligned with and comfortable working to support these goals.

To better serve our diverse community, we are specifically seeking to expand the diversity of life experiences and cultural backgrounds represented in our moderation team. Currently our moderation team has particular need for perspectives from non-Americans and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) Americans. Candidates are invited to briefly address how their personal or professional background could contribute to the breadth and strength of the moderation team ability to support the MetaFilter community.

We especially encourage people of color, women, sexual and gender minorities, people with disabilities, and members of other marginalized or underrepresented groups to apply.

This is a remote position; you can work from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. Primary work hours are negotiable on hire, based on an expectation of at least two regularly scheduled 8-hour shifts weekly during US daytime/evening hours. There is the long-term possibility of growing the position toward a 40-hour work week schedule based on budget and performance.

This is an hourly contracting position with no additional paid benefits available at this time. Starting pay is $28/hr, including paid training.

To apply, email hiring@metafilter.com with the subject line Mod Job Application, and include:
resume/CV, and a brief letter of interest noting (a) your relevant experience with online communities that makes you think you’d be good at this job and you’d like to do it, (b) your username if you’re a Metafilter member, and (c) optionally, how your personal or professional background can help meet our team’s need for more diverse perspectives. If you have other constraints or things we ought to know, feel free to include them.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule a brief informational chat about the position, you're welcome to contact us at that same email address.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and will keep you posted as the process moves along, including notifying candidates whose application is ultimately unsuccessful. Please submit your application by February 15th to guarantee consideration; while we may extend the application window as needed to find an ideal candidate, we are aiming to complete the hiring process within about two months.

payscale: $28/hr
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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