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7 August is the final day for self-nominations to the Mefi Steering Committee!
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Jul 30, 2022 - details

Hiring a part-time MeFi moderator
posted by cortex on Jan 6, 2020 - details

MetaFilter is hiring a part-time web and DB administrator
posted by cortex on Apr 26, 2016 - details

Part-time MetaFilter moderator
posted by cortex on Dec 7, 2015 - details

2-5 hours of statistics (multinomial logistic regressions using R) tutoring over Skype (or UK phone)
posted by iamkimiam on Jan 12, 2013 - details

MetaFilter drop-in moderator
posted by mathowie on Sep 18, 2012 - details

Freelancer to build Ask.Meta-like site for small community
posted by prophetsearcher on Jun 29, 2008 - details