Media Assassin in Chicago seeks part-time
December 21, 2010 8:27 AM

Proper resume is here.

Other skills include live event hosting/emceeing*, live event security**, DJing and VJing***, and being able to fill in almost any slot on a film/video shoot with at least minimal useful competence****. I am quick-witted, able to extemporize, have no problem dealing with unruly crowds, yet can also stroke corporate clients over the phone.

The skill I'm proudest of is my adaptability. I can learn any job or skill in a very short time (well, all that I've tried, at least)*****. I taught myself how to teach animation, I've taught myself homebrewing and gardening, and my graphic design skills, which probably bring me as much income as anything else I do, are entirely self-taught.

I'm on SSDI but would love a part-time paying gig
(or more freelance work), as my monthly dole check barely covers rent + continuing medical expenses******. I am prepared to do anything within my capabilities*******.

Things I'm not good at: standing for more than a minute or two, smiling, being clean-cut********. I guess if you're HR for Abercrombie & Fitch I'm about the last person you'd want to call. Also not the person for steady physical labor, existing in particularly hot/cold temperatures for extended periods of time, or meat preparation.

MeMail is cool for getting in touch, as is email to the addresses in my profile or on my resume. Unprompted telephone calls and voice mails will be ignored.


* I am one of the hosts of the recent CHIRP/Saki Trivia Nights at the Empty Bottle

** past experience as door guy at Quenchers in Chicago and multiple locations in New Haven, CT

*** I've DJ'd at the Whistler, the Continental, and Late Bar within the last year, have guested on WLUW, and am in talks to be resident VJ at Late Bar

**** I'm best as director, camera operator, editor, other postproduction. I can also act and do voiceover.

***** This has led me to be "unofficial IT guy/tech director" at many, many past gigs

****** There is a limit to how much I can get paid each month without messing with my benefits; if we talk work, then we can talk about that

******* "Immoral?" Sure. I have no problem working for liquor stores, gaming concerns, or the adult entertainment industry. Staying away from "illegal," however.

******** Putting me in preppy business casual is like putting a bear on a unicycle wearing a furry hat. The bear, not the unicycle

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