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Greasemonkey (or other) script to enable downloads

I need a basic Greasemonkey script (or browser extension/add-on for any Mac browser but would prefer Firefox) to facilitate simpler downloads of materials for a job I do. I get links in this format: https://example.... [more inside]

Shop at arch salvage store in Portland, OR for me

I live a few hours from Portland. My favorite store in the world is ReStore at 3625 N. Mississippi, which is a trove of amazing reused building materials. I am looking for someone to go over there and look for a few specific items (mostly doors) and... [more inside]


Drop off a document at the PA Secretary of State in Harrisburg

Ideally you live in or very near Harrisburg, PA. I need to have a document dropped off at the Secretary of State's office. (It needs an "apostille.") I would send the document to you at the address of your choice. You would... [more inside]

November, 2020

Help me repack boxes to make them bug-proof

As mentioned here, I'm looking for help to re-pack boxes in a storage unit in SSF so I can have peace-of-mind that I'm not bringing silverfish with me. I plan to have a... [more inside]

September, 2020

Help me pack a studio apartment in Oakland

I had to move unexpectedly and need help with packing/getting rid of things in my apartment. I have a handful of things that can go out on the curb to give away (small bookcase, chair, etc, nothing very heavy). I also need to pack some things (tiny... [more inside]

June, 2020

Warehouse set-up

NPSG provides warehouse solutions for our clients. We are looking for general labor associates, GL & install techs, project managers, racking staff and more across the United States. This is warehouse set up and not picking work. You will be... [more inside]

January, 2020

Someone to run a quick errand in Portland

I'm looking for someone to buy something at a grocery store and take it to a friend in the Garden Home neighborhood. I will Paypal you for all costs plus $25. Please be someone with an active Metafilter history.... [more inside]

Help me apply to jobs

I have some mental illness/executive function/autism issues that make applying to jobs a particularly excruciating and time consuming, and I need someone to help look through listings, customize my resumes and cover letters and send them out. We... [more inside]

Girl Scout Cookies

I’m looking for someone who is either selling Girl Scout cookies in Chapel Hill, NC or can share their online page for internet orders. Specific bakery does not matter to me. I just like cookies and supporting GS.... [more inside]

November, 2019

Social media freelance help

I'm looking for a couple of hours a week of someone's time indefinitely to help with social media. Current project is I'd like to highlight some local artists whose work is being "shown" at our airbnb guest house so was thinking that I'd... [more inside]

Looking for someone to pick up a small heavy table on long island ny and take it to greyhound

Unless you're planning a road trip to the west coast of course on which I'd be happy to have you take it the entire way!... [more inside]

September, 2019

Photos in Vienna, Austria

I am putting together a 70th birthday present for my father and I want to add photos in Vienna of where his father lived when he lived there. There are 4-5 locations and I have all of the addresses. I am only looking for photos of the outside of... [more inside]

April, 2019

I'll pay you to tell me how you do money

I'm a user researcher in financial services, and I have a constant need for people who want to talk about how they manage their money or their business's money. If you meet our criteria for a study and are able to participate, we'll pay you for your... [more inside]

October, 2018

Archives Researcher

I need someone to visit the Indiana State Archives and look for particular documents, make copies and forward them to me. A limited task, probably 8 hours total. No special qualifications necessary beyond basic library-type skills.... [more inside]

September, 2018

Seeking nude Yoga/Pilates Teachers in Boston (& NYC)

Naked in Motion is looking for new instructors in Boston and NYC (especially Boston). We offer Naked! Yoga & Pilates classes with a feminist, body-positive, queer-friendly, inclusive twist. Read about the mission [more inside]

July, 2018

Are you a professional woman, aged 30-55, who has experienced hiring discrimination? Tell me your story.

Did you lose your job at some point, and then have significant trouble getting another one? Do you have similarly qualified male peers who seemed to get hired more easily? Are you getting fewer interviews than you used to despite being up-to-date... [more inside]

May, 2018

Find milagros

I would love to gift some milagros to a Latino friend. In San Francisco I could go to one of many stores and find them myself. Not so much here in Portland, OR. I'm looking for: Primary -man -baby/toddler -house -dog -luck (?)... [more inside]

March, 2018

Seeking a couple or two, to marry in Massachusetts

This ordained MeFi is looking for a couple of couples to work with---to create, and then officiate, your ceremonies at no charge. Ideally you’re getting hitched between now and July. I'm in the middle of a training certification on ceremony design... [more inside]

November, 2017

Someone in Italy to buy 10 boxes of Biochetasi and mail them to me

Looking for someone to buy Biochetasi and ship them to me. It is the only thing that helps my unrelenting morning sickness and now that I'm back in the US, I can't get it.... [more inside]

In Pursuit of Porphyrellus

My friend is doing her thesis on porphyrellus mushrooms in CA/OR/WA, and she needs enough of these from different sites to be able to reach conclusions. She's got all the mushroom hunting clubs clued in to look for 'em already, but I thought I might... [more inside]

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