Audio recordings of young Metafilter kids saying a short text
June 27, 2019 12:04 PM

I need lots of simple audio recordings of young kids saying a short text. This is for a song released on my next album “Ghoststorm”, its out August 23rd, with a general topic of “gloomy cartoony future". The voices will be mixed to a choir, some voices might at brief moments be recognizable, but generally the sound will be a "cluster" of kids.

For reference and an example of how this might turn out, here is a report on how I did a track last year asking the internet for voices. For this new track, which loosely references our epic battles with social media echo chambers, I’d like to feature a cloud of next-gen voices, in particular next-gen “Metafilters".

What is needed

-One voice at a time, simply saying or reciting the words
-As young as possible, great with under school age, also okay with pre-teens
-Simple cell phone / laptop recordings in a quiet room or place
-High quality studio mic recordings would be lovely too, but quantity is most important

Text and direction

Please record the following four lines, its okay if you call-response the kid, I’ll edit you out:

All these worlds, are echoes.
All these worlds, are yours.
Spin, your spiral of thrones.
Reign, your empire of clones.

I can suggest two directions, but anything goes really: Maybe try one whispery magic secret quiet way, and one dramatic warrior monster style? If the talent wants to improvise or has their own opinion on how this really should sound, thats just awesome, go with the flow. Out-takes and mistakes welcome too.

Payment and delivery

I’m offering 15 USD (Paypal) per "kid", my hope (and budget) is to get around 30-40 different kids or so. That should cover a proper coffee for the tech, and a huge icecream for the talent. For delivery and payment details, please follow the link below, also to make sure the recording campaign is still “active” before you start recording.

I'll also ask the mods to update this post once I have enough voices. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either email or memail. Thank you and have fun!

payscale: 15 USD
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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