Photo Editing 138 files - background removal, color correction
July 12, 2017 10:39 AM

I have 138 jpg images of quilts that need to have their backgrounds removed. Two or three have complicated edges but most are defined.

After the background is removed, those same files, + 22 more files, need to be color corrected. Most images, but not all, have a gray card to help with white balance and color correction. The 22 additional files need to be color corrected to match their companion file (i.e., they are detail photos and need to match their corresponding image).

Final output needs to be a high resolution jpg file for offset printing.

I'm willing to piece out the work if you consider yourself experienced at one but not both parts of the job.

Please provide a cost and time estimate for either....
- background removal for 138 files
- OR color correction for 160 files
- OR background removal (138 files) AND the color correction (same 138 + 22 for a total of 160 files).

Happy to provide sample files for the most complicated edges and color correction, and more info on request.

payscale: TBD
job type: contract
posted by cocoagirl to Art/Media/Design

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