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October 7, 2015 7:05 AM

Airships: Conquer the Skies is an indie game currently under development and in early access. It's a steampunk real-time strategy game where you build airships out of components and fight with them.

At this point in the development, I need a graphical artist to complement my work on the game. While I can produce pixel art for the in-game graphics, I can't create high-quality character portraits or complex scenes. This is where you come in.

What I need from you:

  • Character portraits as well as larger scenes of airship battles.

  • Ability to work within an existing colour scheme and mesh with the existing aesthetic.

  • Reliability and commitment to the project. I expect that the project needs graphics at various points over the next 9 months. This doesn't mean I need you anything like full-time on this, but I need you to not leave partway through. For the game to look good, it needs a consistent art style coming from one person, so switching artists halfway would be a big setback.

What I don't need from you:

  • In-game pixel art, animations or 3D work.

  • Super-fast turnaround. Taking a few weeks for a piece of art is fine, taking a few months isn't.

What I'm offering is your choice of:

  • Per-piece payment at your stated rates.

  • 10% revenue share on all future sales of the game. (Revenue here means money from sales after Steam/other portals take their cut, but before anything else like taxes or other payments. The game has so far sold several thousand copies, and I very much expect it will sell at least several thousand more.)

You will also be listed as an artist in the game credits.

Selection criteria:

  • Quality of art / art style.

  • Track record of delivering for other projects, games or otherwise.

Legal details:

  • This is a freelancer-customer arrangement and not an employee-employer arrangement. You are responsible for taxes and insurance required by your place of residence.

  • As work-for-hire, the copyright of the created artwork is assigned to me.

  • I am happy to hire people of any background - nationality, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Interested? Contact me with samples of your work, your preferred form of compensation/rates, and some general info about yourself.

payscale: 10% rev-share or your standard rates
job type: contract
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